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Founded by @bethebutterfly, Archively is used for cataloging people (automatically pulling in social info like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). You might describe it as a hybrid of Rapportive + Pocket.
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Oh heey. Thank Ryan. Founder here. We wrote a blog post and created a collection of the Top 100 Most Followed Product Hunt Users. You can check it out and download the collection into a free Archively account. https://medium.com/@bethebutterf...
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Great tool for making sense of the recruiting mess. Apparently 30 email long chains is not the best way to keep track of candidates.
@doppenhe Yes! And it works beautifully with Angel List. It works with any source, (that is the point!) but it pairs nicely with Angel List if you are recruiting from there. We are happy to help recommend recruitment process flows if anyone needs help.
Looks awesome. Been trying out contactually but it hasn't quite done it for me. Would love to see a chrome extension used here since I never use my bookmarks.
@DavidSpinks yes Extention is on the list but we didn't start w it because many recruiters need IT approval for downloads 😳. What are you looking for that Contactually doesn't do? We are kind of different in that we don't track communication.
@bethebutterfly I like the ease of adding people/automatically pulling in info here. Contactually felt like a lot of work to maintain. We don't have to necessarily track all communications. For us it's more important that it's really easy to filter/browse through our community. Bonus points for being able to message groups of people through the app which I think contactually actually does pretty well.
@DavidSpinks the pro version lets you export individual collections which can be used to send targeted emails. I'd love to do a demo for you and talk through your use case. Email me at perri@archively.com if you'd be down for that.
Verry cool! I'm using twitter lists for this purpose and its not ideal. Hoping for a chrome extension
@FrankDenbow Ah interesting. People do all kinds of weird things. Spreadsheets mostly. Even big Corporates. Yes - I am hearing you loud and clear on the Chrome extension :)