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Perri Blake Gorman
@bethebutterfly · Founder Archively / Co-Founder UnRollme
Hey y'all - the Chrome Extension is here! For all of you who have a thing against bookmarklets :) This first release is basic but we will be doing a lot more in the future - we would love your ideas and feedback. https://chrome.google.com/websto...
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Founded by @bethebutterfly, Archively is used for cataloging people (automatically pulling in social info like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). You might describe it as a hybrid of Rapportive + Pocket.
Perri Blake Gorman
@bethebutterfly · Founder Archively / Co-Founder UnRollme
Oh heey. Thank Ryan. Founder here. We wrote a blog post and created a collection of the Top 100 Most Followed Product Hunt Users. You can check it out and download the collection into a free Archively account. https://medium.com/@bethebutterf...
Diego Oppenheimer
@doppenhe · CEO,algorithmia
Great tool for making sense of the recruiting mess. Apparently 30 email long chains is not the best way to keep track of candidates.
David Spinks
@davidspinks · CEO, CMX Media
Looks awesome. Been trying out contactually but it hasn't quite done it for me. Would love to see a chrome extension used here since I never use my bookmarks.
Frank Denbow
Verry cool! I'm using twitter lists for this purpose and its not ideal. Hoping for a chrome extension