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#4 Product of the DayJuly 31, 2019
[Your delightful hiring alternative] Arc takes the friction out of hiring remote talent. Hire full-time remote developers and build engineering teams with top vetted talent around the world. Brought to you by the makers of Codementor.
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Hello Product Hunt, We're thrilled to announce Arc today! We aim to change the way we hire and work remotely. The bulk of remote hiring services are still focused on finding short-term freelancers, rather than thinking of remote work as a genuine full-time employment option. It’s clear that the friction of going remote is still too high for many organizations and individuals. This is why we are launching Arc today: to offer a complete remote hiring solution to find full-time remote developers and build remote engineering teams. We're introducing Arc in its alpha stage to get feedback from supporters like you. As we work to reduce the friction of hiring remotely for both sides of the hiring equation, we invite you - developers and organizations alike - to join us on this journey. We would love to hear any thoughts or feedback from the community.
@weitingliu How is Arc different from other remote-work networks (for example Toptal)? What rates can talent expect?
@weitingliu why engineers and not UI/UX designers? Designers are equally important for creating software products.
@jaceperry we'd love to serve more verticals in the near future as well! :)
@fdefar Arc focuses on more than just short-term contract/freelance opportunities. Arc connects great talent with full-time remote opportunities as well.
@weitingliu I can't login with my codementor password and password reset is not working. I got this error message "Looks like our servers are busy.".
How will Arc be different from CodementorX from the freelancer perspective? Do you plan to focus more on full-time jobs?
@charlietango592 Great question! The existing CodementorX opportunities will be incorporated into Arc’s expanded hiring solution (retiring the name CodementorX). We are focused on building up the number of longer-term remote opportunities with Arc (emphasizing full-time roles and helping organizations build remote teams). But you can still find great short-term and freelance opportunities through the Arc platform as well.
@weitingliu I understand. I am a long term guy but I'm not very attracted to full-time roles. (maybe I'm a rare case) Is there any chance to see long term part-time opportunities on Arc? Do you have demand for this kind of roles from clients?
@napoleon_arouldass I know. I use it for more than a year. I don't think you got my question
@charlietango592 Yes! We still do see companies who work with engineers on a part-time contract basis and many of the engagements are long-term as well.
Are CodementorX developers need to participate once again in evaluation path (full time vetting process)?
Congrats @weitingliu I’m looking to hire a dev to build my MVP. Is this a good solution for us at a monthly budget of $2500?
@kensavage potentially! please do check us out and one of our hiring consultants will assist you!
I get json response when i try to signup... @weitingliu Please have a look.