Aran Blocks

Build usable furniture with just building blocks (Legos).

#2 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2016
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Hi All, My name is Dev and I am the inventor of Aran Blocks. I came up with these blocks after playing with my son (Aran) and his construction toy. Just didn’t like the fact these blocks only built vertically and not horizontally. Super to excited to be on Product Hunt and look forward to all your feedback. Thanks.
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Aran Blocks is a patent pending building blocks system that can create useful weight bearing structures including small furniture pieces. Basically it is what you would get if LEGO and IKEA met, fell in love and had a baby. Structures made from Aran Blocks are strong. The unique nestling system of the blocks allow horizontal surfaces you create to bear weight.
I love the direction this is going, empowering people to build their own stuff should always be praised. This actually allows to build irl things like 3d printing, but without needing the very specific skills (and an extremely expansive machine, give the size of built things). I think it will need extensions of some sort to really hit the crowd. Aesthetic was mentioned ; my first thought was "well, put a sheet of cloth around it and you're done, plus it's customized". But then I realized this could be a core concept : build your furniture using blocks, then style them using "something else provided". Then, you can also provide specialized addons that offer specific functionalities (I have arduino's shields in mind) and allow people to build upon that.
@oelmekki So glad you see the vision! The comparison between 3D printing is not far either as like additive manufacturing process, Aran Blocks need to be built layer by layer. Another solution to the aesthetics issue is to make caps (much like the cover piece) for all the holes and protrusions on the block. This can be easily designed but would need significant investments into tooling and would add further costs to each set. Perhaps some time in future when we have scale. We are already dreaming of addons, such as light fixtures and simple actuators built into the blocks. In hindsight perhaps we should have raised funds prior to the Kickstarter and come out with a much more comprehensive product line up before hand. Time will tell.
@dev_anand that's ok, kickstarter is for early adopters. If you prove that people are indeed interested in building their own furnitures, you can later raise funds to expand the idea before hitting mass market :)
It always surprises me the things kids like. I took my nephew to the natural history museum and he was bored with the dinosaurs but spent an incredible amount of time in the geology room with rocks - most of them identical. Also, if a kid were to build a toy that an adult actually uses (laptop stand, seat) I reckon it's pretty damn cool for a kid to see it being used :) Forget toys, make real stuff!!!
@dev_anand these look beautiful. Good luck with the kickstarter campaign.
@jipy9 Thanks a lot! Much appreciated 😊