A weekly podcast exploring of the world of apps.

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😊 I love MacStories and now they have a new podcast! It should be 30 min talks about cool apps. Run weekly by MacStories' founders Federico Viticci and John Voorhees. Each week, they discuss the best new apps, the impact of apps on our culture, and cover the stories behind popular apps. 🌟 Hope, you will like it! 🌟 More about the launch you can find here:
@lisadziuba Thanks for hunting AppStories. We've been working on this for a long time (at least since June 2016, though more if you consider the idea I had several years ago), and it's great to finally have this out. I wrote more about AppStories here, which includes details on some technical bits, such as our episode embeds. We have big plans for this show. But in a nutshell: we're not going to do to the usual Apple news/rumor coverage and we actually want to tell fascinating stories about apps that you can't find anywhere else. Thanks everyone, and feel free to ask questions.
Thanks for launching a great podcast! Waiting for new episodes! @viticci, I'm curious, how will you chose the app for discussing? It's so many great apps over the App Store, so what are your requirements for good one?
@lisadziuba We want to feature a mix of apps we already know because of MacStories coverage, but also apps that are new to us and that we discover every day on the App Store. The thing is – we spend a lot of time just browsing the App Store every day, reading pitches, and talking to developers to get a sense of what they're working on. So the experience we've accumulated with MacStories in 8 years will inform the decisions behind topics. Our goal is to feature a diverse group of app markers and industry people, too. John and I want to go beyond the "usual suspects" we cover on MacStories and invite new developers as guests for future interviews. We already have a few episodes like this in the pipeline, and I think listeners will be surprised. More importantly, as usual, we'll do this for a long time and learn in the process.
@viticci @lisadziuba So what things do you cover about apps? Do you have a template for how you go about it or just random things that come up while you talk? I'm just curious.
@eonpilot @viticci @lisadziuba We have several semi-regular segments planned. They won't all appear in every episode, but periodically over time. A lot of research and preparation goes into each episode because we want to keep them focused and to around 30 minutes long. As a result, each episode is planned out in advance as opposed to being a free-form chat between us.
Listened to the first episode, great job @viticci and @johnvoorhees ! With all the discussion on Planet of the Apps a few months ago and a good coverage of apps/developers, I figured who better than the MacStories team to cover the subject in-depth! Happy to see the outcome of a few hints I picked up! 👍🏻
@vallieres Thanks so much. At the very foundation of MacStories is our desire to highlight great apps and the people who make them. Our readers count on us for that. The tough part is that there are many excellent apps on the App Store and we are a small team, which limits what we can cover. AppStories is a way for Federico and I to cover more apps and in ways that work better on a podcast than they would on the website. We also get how hard it is to economically market apps, especially for indie developers. Budgets are understandably tight, which is why we've created a two-tier approach to sponsorships that is priced to be affordable to as many developers as possible. We want AppStories to be both a place for developers to tell their stories and showcase their products.
Wow, the podcast looks very interesting!
I'm big fan of Canvas and Connected from AppStories seems to be another great podcast to listen to every week :)
@dmarcinkowski_ I also listen to the Fatal Error, it's podcast about iOS development via @khanlou & @cdzombak. They have nice & funny episodes for app developers. Some other nice podcast, which I like: 📻 Accidental Tech Podcast by @marcoarment. You can find there many topics about apps, monetization, Macs, news, bugs, WWDC and much more. Very good content! 📻 The iDeveloper Podcast - this is more social & phylosophical oriented podcast by cool developers, @macdevnet and @djembe
@lisadziuba TBH I cannot listen to so many podcasts, it's just over my capabilities :D Beside AppStories, Connected and Canvas I only listen to some polish podcasts :)
Great podcast with interesting concept! Definitely worth to check it out.