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#2 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2015
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I'm no industrial designer, but devil's advocate: - The design pushes even further Ive's design philosophy of letting the materials themselves show through - It simplifies the geometry of the existing lineup. You could tell the old keyboard and trackpad shoe-horned a cylinder in the design just to accommodate the AA's. And the trackpad couldn't use the full top plane for a touch surface because of it. - Rechargeable internal batteries means less waste on average (I imagine most people don't use rechargable AA's) - Apple seems to prefer to trade the flexibility of removable batteries for flexibility in design, and push people to their battery service programs - Extend the "scissor" buttons from laptops to rest of product line - More volume through their existing Li-ion battery supply chain. (Not sure if they use external suppliers - if so, more leverage there) - More uses for the battery-life-extending batter controllers they launched in laptops that charges on a cell-by-cell basis. - Broader install base for their lightning port All those decisions seem very "Apple-y" to me
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I’m not sure about the move away from AA batteries to sealed in rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. I’ve had my current Magic Mouse since 2007, if the batteries weren’t replaceable they’d have degraded greatly by now.
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No key backlighting on the keyboard is a huge deal-breaker for me 😓 I've been waiting years for it too, it'll never come.
I will miss the full sized keyboard :(
Pricing is insane. In France, it's 149€. Not sure how you go from $129 in the US to $169 in France. And again, force touch doesn't make much sense to me on a computer: we already have the right click as an alternative click.
@benjaminnetter VAT unfortunately...
@benjaminnetter FWIW, $129 in the US is also insane