Apple AirPods are gorgeous wireless headphones. Just take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly. Speak into them and your voice sounds clear.

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Should have provided it with iPhone 7.
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@sidrock28 I was going to upgrade if they did, instead I'll be keeping my iPhone 6 Plus another year
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@sidrock28 And would you have been ok with the price of the phone going up $150?
@mg The price of 512 GB SSD module in 2012 was 800+ $. Price of the Retina MacBook Pro as compared to standard MacBook Pro was little higher (The top end rMBP was 199$ more than the standard with the same spec minus SSD, I own one. But I'm certain it was only 100$ more than the 2011 Unibody MacBook Pro). Now the price of a 512 GB SSD is significantly lower but the price of the rMBP remains the same. This is how Apple should have played with the AirPods as well. Should have included in the iPhone 7 box at the same cost or maybe to cover the manufacturing cost. This would push the demand for Bluetooth headphones bringing the cost down and Apple can be credited for their role in making wireless audio mainstream.
My immediate thought: I am going to lose these instantly.
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@holly_chisholm SAME. I can barely keep track of my wired earbuds, and now I've got to keep two AND make sure they don't fall out. I really like being able to take out one bud and let it hang while I talk to people, and now I'll just have to *gulp* hold it. First world problems to the max.
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@holly_chisholm BeatsX for you, then. :)
@holly_chisholm I already lost mine :P
@cassidoo @holly_chisholm Be on the lookout for a $30 3rd party rubber slip-on option for these in the near future. So you can have the one-ear out as you chat on the phone. I'm almost certain. But just another thing for you to carry.
It's like two cigarettes hanging on your ear from the front.
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@chang2301 you've convinced me. BeatsX it is then.
@chang2301 Wow, that couldn't look any more stupid. Offense only to Apple's design team, btw :)
@chang2301 A time when I wish there was a downvote button on Product Hunt.
@chang2301 They could have at least made them sparkly so that they look like earrings on me.
These are: a) Horrible looking b) A few steps behind the competition c) A sign of Apple's downward spiral d) All of the above?
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@simon_isaacs I wouldn't dispute any of those points. But what about them would you say is behind the competition?
@_jacksmith the headphone / earphone market has grown considerably and there are dozens of players with wireless earphones that don't look so idiotic. This is Apple's New Coke moment.
@simon_isaacs @_jacksmith Ok, so you're saying the design is steps behind the competition? Aside from Bragi's and Samsung's bud-only design, both of which are pretty terrible at this point, what's behind?
@simon_isaacs I wouldn't say, that they're looking so bad. And with the box for reload, this style makes sense. Anyway... a matter of taste. But why behind the competition?
@wyssdaniel who has come out excited by the design of these silly things? Would be interested to see one credible piece hailing what these look like on... Just reminds me of Something About Marry

Instant bluetooth, light weight, no cords and a case that recharges means that you'll find yourself using the Airpods far more than normal wired headphones. Great for workouts too. The perfect gift for people who spend a lot of time making calls or listening to podcasts or music.


The best Apple product since the iPhone.


Won't fit everyone's ears. Siri is still behind so you'll want to disable it as a control mechanism.

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