AppLaunchpad 2.0

Create App Store images with new templates, devices + iPad📱🎉

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Hi everyone, AppLaunchpad is a DIY tool to create gorgeous images for App Store/Google Play. The first version of AppLaunchpad came among top most loved products on PH. We got an overwhelming response form Product Hunt community. Till now we've got 500K+ screenshots exported and over 7500+ Apps are part of AppLaunchpad family. We also got too many repeated request for addition of new features. So, Today, we're excited to share the next step in our journey - AppLaunchpad 2.0 Pro! Here's a highlight of the new features launching with AppLaunchpad 2.0 Pro 1) iPad + Android Tab device support 2) Use of Background Image 3) 9 new Templates 4) New Devices 4) Device specific screenshot upload 5) Advance Font Styling and Filters We're also offering an exclusive PH discount on monthly and yearly plans. If you decide to upgrade, you can use the below code. You can upgrade at *** AppLaunchpad 2.0 Pro: PHPRO10 *** Thanks again to everyone for your support - the Product Hunt community has been extremely kind to us and we couldn't be more thankful to you all. Would love to hear your thoughts!
We got very positive response & lots of requests for addition of new features. Thats the reason we decided to bring next version of AppLaunchpad. If you find any bugs or have any feedback reach out to us at or
@kkkosariya @theapplaunchpad It looks great! I was just wondering if you intend to have a subscription plan for casual app developers. I don't see myself paying a monthly or yearly subscription, but I wouldn't mind a pay as you go option.
@jevinsew Reach out to me at, We can definitely talk about it. 👍
@jevinsew @kkkosariya @theapplaunchpad I agree with you, Jevin. To add to that, I don't see a reason why this is a subscription instead of a one-time purchase?
@levibostian @jevinsew @theapplaunchpad These are one time payment, not subscription. We updated it in the pricing page as well.
@kkkosariya @jevinsew @theapplaunchpad The pricing page says $25/mo. That doesn't sound like one time to me.
This is a cool product and I really like the first version. The new version look interesting. Looking to explore more.
@aby002 Thanks. Would love to hear your feedbacks😃
This is great, I'm really excited to check this out. I'll be doing a launch in the next couple of months so this is perfect timing.
Thanks @arrev. Glad you liked the tool. It will be great if you can spread the word to your friends as well. 😸
Good to see the v2.0 of AppLaunchpad. Will definitely like to try the new features.
@viggy_prabhu Thanks. Your were among our few early users, please give your feedbacks on AppLaunchpad's new version as well. It will be much appreciated. 😸