Animated Designs by Crello

Free animated design templates to revive your projects

Animated Designs from Crello are free animated templates that you can edit, download and use for social media, blog or emails. There are hundreds of ready designs to choose from, just add text and objects to customize them.

Get your users engaged with professionally made animated posts!

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Greetings Hunters! What would you say to free animated design templates? We present Crello’s Animated Designs - free animated templates for anyone to customize and use in their projects. They are a perfect way to add movement to a social media page, corporate email or a blog post. You can download Animated Designs in an mp4 format and in two sizes - Social Media Post and Instagram Post. Soon we will launch animated Facebook Covers, Facebook Posts, icons, and illustrations. Stay tuned! We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and will be happy to answer any questions.
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As a Marketing Manager and Canva die hard I saw no reason to switch to Crello. I honestly thought it was just a copycat BUT these designs are a GAME CHANGER! Yll keep this up and Canva and I will have to breakup. Great job👏👏
@2tell_da_truth Thank you! That’s true - our first version was a basis for animated designs and other amazing stuff that will be released in the future.
@liudmylan Just made 2 clips. this is what i want to have
@arthur_tkachenko So glad you like it! Thanks for your support. We really appreciate it.
So, do you think Animated Designs are a game-changer for online editing tools? We launched it with the goal to make motion graphics affordable and easy-to-create. You no longer need a skillful designer to create eye-catching animated posts and illustrations. Here is how you can customize Animated Designs: -customize text and change fonts -add icons and illustrations -choose animated backgrounds and add the text yourself Feel free to share your feedback and ask questions.
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Nice designs, guys! This animated templates is an addictive thing ^_^
@anastacia_ukhova Thank you! We enjoyed creating Animated designs )

perfect for SMM people, imho


it is awesome, I do not have to create anything myself


no sure about alternatives

Thank you guys! Great product! Time-saving, simple to use and efficient!
@iryna_kutnyak thanks for the feedback! Stay tuned for more animated formats)