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#3 Product of the WeekAugust 08, 2017



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Mike MignanoMakerHiring@mignano · co-founder, @anchor
Hey, Product Hunt! One of the things we've been hearing from audio content creators since the day we started Anchor was that audio is hard to share on social media. Most major social platforms don't yet have native support for audio, so trying to raise awareness for your podcast or other audio content on social can be difficult. So we built a new tool inside of Anchor that makes sharing audio to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube - or anywhere else videos are consumed - incredibly easy. First, just record audio directly into the Anchor app, or upload existing audio (a clip from your podcast, etc) to your Anchor account. Anchor Videos will then magically transcribe your audio. You can quickly fix any minor transcription issues and Anchor Videos will overlay your words synced perfectly with your audio in a beautiful, shareable video. Best of all, you can export your video at whatever size you need: square (perfect for Instagram), wide (perfect for Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube), and tall (perfect for Instagram Stories). It's that easy. We've been beta testing this feature for a few months now, with both casual Anchor creators and some of the biggest podcasters in the world. Here are a few examples: Pod Save America (by Crooked Media): The Outline: YouTuber Jordan Taylor: We'll be here on Product Hunt answering questions all day. Thanks!
Hunter Walk@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
@mignano this sounds like literally magic. how do i know that when Anchor is done revolutionizing podcasting and audio content, you won't use these same powers to steal my soul?
Mike MignanoMakerHiring@mignano · co-founder, @anchor
@hunterwalk already in progress
Hunter Walk@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
@mignano [shakes fist at sky]
RhaiHiring@rhaivimies · Pulling the future forward @Sounds_app 🚀
@mignano I love the design, impressive execution guys!
Brandon Uttley@brandonuttley · CEO, Go For Launch
@mignano I'm not seeing the video button on existing this not available yet?
Sean Freidlin@freidlin
This is incredible
Maya ProhovnikMakerHiring@mayafish · Product & operations at Anchor
@freidlin Thank you!
Niv DrorHunterHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Love this! Sharing audio on social has been notoriously difficult, while video has been the media format of choice across all the major platforms of late. Giving people the ability to easily convert audio to video while transcribing the text makes perfect sense... Here's an example of what Pod Save America looks like as a video using Anchor:
Dave Schools@daveschools_ · Founder of Entrepreneur's Handbook
THIS is amazing. Personally, as a writer, I'm a HUGE fan of Anchor. When I have half-baked ideas and don't have my computer in front of me, I use Anchor to crystallize my thoughts, feelings, and views. I also love the community aspect and the production simplicity of Anchor. I can call-in to my friends and find cool strangers who look awesome and have interesting conversations - that actually sound pleasant enough to listen to. I can't wait to use this video feature. I believe Anchor is to audio what Medium is to writing, Instagram is to photos, and YouTube is to videos. I predict it will catch on like wildfire. Best of luck @mignano and the @anchor team!
Maya ProhovnikMakerHiring@mayafish · Product & operations at Anchor
@mignano @anchor @daveschools_ Thanks so much, Dave! So cool that we're able to help with your writing process. I think you'll love the simplicity of the videos too :)
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
Another day, another interesting feature. Team Anchor is incredible! @mayafish What audio transcription service are you using?
Maya ProhovnikMakerHiring@mayafish · Product & operations at Anchor
@binoyxj Hey Binoy! We're using a combination of tools, including a bunch of proprietary tech we built in-house :)
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
@mayafish Cool!