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Hey, Product Hunt! We built this tool to help podcasters switch over to Anchor. It lets you maintain your existing podcast (branding, episodes, subscribers, reviews, etc) but start making episodes with the Anchor app for iOS/Android. When we announced our podcasting feature about a month ago, we heard from a lot of existing podcasters that wanted to take advantage of our super easy workflow, so we're really happy to be able to expand it now. We'll be hanging out on PH all day if you have any feedback or questions - thanks!
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@mayafish Can I publish to the various Podcast directories from Anchor?
@joshdance You can! We automatically sync your Anchor episodes to Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Overcast and Pocket Casts. We also can provide you with an RSS feed if you want to submit it to even more places!
@mayafish Well that is awesome. I will give you another look. Thanks!
Does this come with same Anchor ⚓ prelude/ ad that gets added to all the episodes turned into podcasts from the app? If yes, I'd suggest mentioning that upfront. Also, a premium tier to remove it? Now is the time!?
@binoyxj Hey Binoy! Previous episodes don't get touched, but we do add the standard Anchor pre-roll & post-roll at the beginning and end of new episodes, just like anything else that's created in Anchor. No immediate plans to introduce a paid tier, but we do have some ideas for allowing people to have more control over this audio, so stay tuned.
@binoyxj @mayafish I really really want that control... heck even if when building an episode you require that I put the Anchor ad in their somewhere, but giving me control of what section it shows up would make me super happy and let the flow of episodes go much better!
I've been podcasting through Anchor ever since the launch of their episodes feature, and have been very happy. My main gripes with it are the 5 minute limit on each segment, the ad blurb before/after each episode, and lack of a full web interface. I can deal with these for now because I do simple and short episodes during my commutes. However, I can see how I could get annoyed if I wanted to do a fully professional podcast. You can get away with doing it on Anchor through the clipping tool, but I think a paid plan for greater flexibility is a must for some. It sounds like I'm being harsh but I honestly think that there's a lot of potential here to open up podcasting to a lot of people, while still keeping to the same caliber that we're used to with traditional podcasts. It looks like Anchor Switch will surely be a great converter, but will prove more useful once Anchor can address the issues I've listed. Of course, great job so far and major props to the Anchor team!
@sunnyismoi Hey Sunny! Not harsh at all - totally valid feedback. I promise we're thinking about ways to improve all of these things, and I think you'll really like some of the updates we have coming out soon :) Thank you for your thoughtful ideas and your very kind words!
I co-host a podcast where the episodes are usually between an hour and a half and two hours. How will switching to Anchor affect past shows and can episodes be that long going forward? Is there a limit to how many guests there can be?
@zswilkinson Hi Zach! When you switch to Anchor, all your past episodes are automatically imported into Anchor regardless of length (and their format in your podcast is untouched). For future episodes once you've switched over, you can upload audio of any length at We do (for now) still require that you chop episodes up into 5 minute segments, but we make it super fast & easy to do so, and the episode will still sound exactly the same in your podcast, since all the segments will just play back to back seamlessly. As for guests, we currently only allow 1:1 calling through our app (with our Interviews feature), but you can pre-record audio with as many guests you want and upload it, just like you would now. Hope you're able to check it out!
@mayafish thank so much! Is there any plan to allow multiple callers? It’d be cool to have a guest call in and talk to my co-host and I. We’ll beta test it haha
@zswilkinson Definitely on our wishlist! We'll keep you guys in mind if/when we need beta testers ;)
Thanks for the update, Anchor team. I launched an Anchor show last week. I see the value of fun, short stories on the go, but with a long format, the quality of sound and guest options are key. One question (since the length was already discussed - real issue): - Do you plan a desktop dashboard beside the /clip? Would be great to have proper control options and analytics (similar to SoundCloud or Buzzsprout). P.S. I still did not get the email, with RSS and platform links, after the podcast was set up 👻
@tudornotes Hey Tudor! Sorry to hear that email's missing! If you email our support team at, they should be able to hook you up with those links :) We are working on some more advanced desktop features. If there's certain analytics or options you're interested in, let us know so we can make sure they're included! (Here works, or that same support email.) Thanks!
@anchor @mayafish great, will email your support team. Btw, I just tested the switch from SoundCloud - sadly, it's not possible since I already have few episodes created with Anchor :(
@anchor @mayafish @tudornotes I had the same issue. Contacted support. I have about 70 episodes from my podcast that I tried to transfer and I received an error message. They're working on it now.
@tudornotes One option is to remove the podcast you made with Anchor previously (email us and we can do that!). You can also make a separate account if you want to maintain two podcasts. Hope that helps!