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Mike Mignano
@mignano · co-founder, @anchor
Hey everyone - also, I just want to point out some cool conversations that have taken place on Anchor recently. Glitter / betaworks' @mayafish and @meowgorithm talk about "founder's doubt": https://anchor.fm/w/98aab4 The Infatuation's @houseofstang talks about finding a voice for your product: https://anchor.fm/w/98aab1 WNYC talks about political correctnes… See more
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Mike Mignano
@mignano · co-founder, @anchor
Ahoy, Product Hunters! Mike from Anchor, here. You can listen to this comment: https://anchor.fm/w/98abdd My co-founder Nir and I have always been big fans of talk radio and podcasts, but we’ve found it difficult to record and share our own voices. We also think that radio should be multi-directional, instead of a one-way conversation. So, we built Anchor … See more
Borja Rojano
@tapefinder · Founder at TapeWrite
I have mixed feelings about this product. On one hand, it is the best darn thing I have seen in the post-podcast space period. On the other hand, as I am building something in the same space (I'll avoid the shameless plug here) I thought "shoot, these guys got it RIGHT". I can only say: respect. This is a brilliant, brilliant concept really well executed.… See more
Ⓜatt hartman
@matthartman · partner @betaworks
One of the subtle features of anchor is that it's asynchronous, so the conversations have the ability to grow over time. Kind of reminds me of Medium. Look forward to talking with you all.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I've been a beta tester for Anchor for a few months now... it feels like the Twitter of audio... There are some awesome people on there and interesting topics discussed. I've had collaborative conversations about the rules around reclining your seat on an airline, to feedback on @matthartman's new podcast and also feedback on Anchor, on Anchor! This whole… See more
Tobi Rohmann
@toomaime · Founder Teacherjobs.io
Just made my #firstwave on @anchor. Really love the UI and I totally agree with @bentossell: it feels like the Twitter of audio.