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Tasks + Browser = interesting... using a different browser is such a big commitment though
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@bentossell Hi Ben, thank you! The current App is an alpha release and a lot features are still missing. We plan to implement extensions and bookmarks, which should make the swap easier. We are aware that there are very good and established products in this category, but the most of them are very alike. We try to improve and rethink the modern browser.
@simoncaminada @bentossell I like the approach. Having another browser open simultaneously isn't a big deal vs actually switching over.
@bentossell Agreed. Very tough to convince users to make such a big switch.
@bentossell possibly....but I have so many bug bears with the usual fodder of tabbed browsers....hasn't been any real inventions for a loooooong long time. Finally someone trying to shift the paradigm :)
Nice product. Love the idea and the right-click menu which has only one option - open a new tab. But as Ben said, moving to a new browser is a big commitment. I would definitely try a Chrome extension with the same functionality.
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@yuvmaoz Thanks for the feedback! We will add more features to make this swap easier. We considered a Chrome extension, but decided that a new application would leave us more freedom. With a new app we can tailor the user interface to the functionality. We try to improve the modern browser as a whole.
@yuvmaoz I agree, what was the rationale for not doing the extension route?
Hello Product Hunt! I'm the developer and designer of Alloy. The idea of a task-based browser went to my mind as I had multiple Chrome windows open, each packed with Tabs for different tasks and purposes. I started developing a sample application as a proof of concept for this task-based browser. After a lot of improvements and added functionality, Alloy was born. Alloy is built up on Tasks, of which every has its own Tablist. You only see the relevant Tabs for your current Task. Currently Alloy is still an alpha release and we'd love to hear your opinion and feedback. If you've got any questions feel free to ask them here or tweet us https://twitter.com/browsewithalloy
@simoncaminada I use a similar concept - windows with multiple tabs for the window's topic (currently at 243 tabs). Though, I require a lot of plug-in functionality like rescuetime, evernote, buffer, black menu, hangout, grammarly, datanyze and so many used daily. I can imagine this going to be good, keep up.
@andmitsch Thanks, extensions are for many users a trival requirement, so we are planning to implement them as soon as possible.
@simoncaminada Wow, I have often wondered if I am really badly organised to need 20-30+ browser tabs open at a time of things I need to do/follow up. I'm going to give this a try and hopefully it'll make my life a LOT easier! Edit: damn, Mac only!
@boogsau Windows/Linux releases are planned for the future, you can sign up to our newsletter on our website and opt-in for these updates (http://alloy.simoncaminada.ch/)
I downloaded this excited to try it... and then it's Mac only. Maybe the website should mention that? Also, are you considering a Windows and/or Linux version?
@bgiesing39 Thanks for the input, a mentioning on the website is definetly needed. Releases for Windows/Linux are planned for the near future.
I really like this idea - explicitly recognizing the browser as a productivity tool. One piece of feedback I do have is that the top header of the browser, including the address bar, takes up a lot of room (currently twice as tall as when using Safari). Still, seems like a fun and exciting project, great work!
@brendonto Thank you for your feedback! That's true the header is rather tall. We are always improving our user interface and will consider your feedback for upcoming releases.