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Find every commercial ever aired during the Big Game!

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We’ve been talking a lot about the Super Bowl at Algolia over the past few weeks, and the general consensus is that we watch more for the commercials than the game. But as we started talking about commercials from years past and actually trying to find them, we realized it wasn’t easy to do. So we started thinking...Algolia is a hosted search API that returns relevant results quickly, no matter the size of the data set. Why can’t we just make the Super Bowl ads searchable with Algolia? We won’t admit how much time we’ve now wasted showing each other “the one with the flying baby” or “the one with Will Ferrell in that stupid outfit,” but we can tell you that actually building and implementing this demo only took us a day. Check it out, watch some ads and let us know if you have any questions or want to build something similar for something you’re working on.
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Every time you guys put something out, I'm stunned how fast your are! Like knowing the perf numbers is one thing, but I always forget how it *feels*, slick experience :)
Love the design as well, good job @kevin_granger!
@julien_c Appreciated, btw each time I take a huge pleasure to work with instantsearch.js, this lib is totally rad, congratz team!
Here's how it looks like : We also blogged about it here: Enjoy!
Love every product you and your team puts out. One our favorite APIs on my team!