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Hey hunters, We are super excited to announce our Search by Algolia plugin for WordPress. Help us bring relevancy, instant search and autocomplete capabilities to almost 30% of the internet!!! It’s already live on @jasonlk's @saastr blog & on @BostonVC's (Thanks for the support guys!) With our new plugin, every WordPress user will be able to leverage Algolia in just a few clicks, and replace the default WordPress site search with a blazing fast, highly relevant search engine. We’re going to iterate a lot on the plugin over the next few months (it was built with love by @rayrutjes) - Try it out and let us know what you think!
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@dessaigne @jasonlk @saastr @bostonvc @rayrutjes have been waiting for this! I actually was going to hack something up ! good timing! We are taking it live at
@rameshdot0 Looking forward to try it live on your blog!
@dessaigne Great work, been waiting for something like this.
@dessaigne spoke too soon, apparently we are on a PHP version that;s a little behind, we will have to wait till we upgrade our PHP
@rameshdot0 @dessaigne Normally we support down to PHP 5.3, what PHP version do you have?
Content marketing relies on search - and we struggled in our portfolio companies and at SFDC to get search to work kick ass on the blogs and sites. With Algolia, you can now have the best search app inside your websites. Exciting.
very cool, that was long awaited !!
I'll test in my blog this night :)