A powerful hosted search engine API, Algolia provides product teams with the resources & tools they need to create fast, relevant search.

Algolia obsesses over developer experience. Extensive documentation &

guides, an active community & 24/7 support make it a pleasure to work with Algolia.

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This is awesome and something I'd like to use on Product Hunt. @maximesalomon from Algolia is also a great guy. :)
@rrhoover @maximesalomon You are now using it on Product Hunt, Right?
Hey guys, check out the demo we built on Product Hunt with Algolia http://demos.algolia.com/product... PS: It's not updated in realtime as we are currently crawling the website.
@maximesalomon - custom demos are (1) awesome and (2) fantastic way to sell. Good stuff! How has the YC experience been so far? Any surprises (good or bad) that you didn't expect going into it?
Thanks Ryan! Happy to answer any question. The CTO, Julien Lemoine, will also be around to answer technical questions.
Wow, that's pretty slick @maximesalomon! Well done!