Algolia for Shopify

Bringing instant search results to 300K+ store owners

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Hey hunters, We are super excited to announce our Algolia for Shopify, Help us bring relevancy, instant search and autocomplete capabilities to more than 200,000 online stores and their shoppers! Over the past 18 months, we started getting requests from Shopify users for direct API integrations into their site, and we made the decision earlier this year that we should make Algolia available directly from the Shopify App Store! We worked really hard to make the onboarding as simple as possible, and, thanks to the Shopify App Store's tight integration with stores, we've brought onboarding down to just 4 steps - download our app, create your Algolia account, add your API Keys to the app, and we begin immediately indexing your content (and updating automatically). We’re going to iterate a lot on the plugin over the next few months (it was built with love by Matthieu Dumont) - Try it out and let us know what you think!
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@dessaigne Advantageous feature !!! Is there an API that mobile devices (Android or iOS) can consume to benefit from this service ?
@ossama_bounnite @dessaigne Absolutely! The integration is mainly creating Algolia indices, that you can target from anywhere using one of our API clients (see for the list of supported languages/platforms).
@dessaigne how do you think about pricing since the base plan cost more than Shopify? Is this for premium stores only?
@yawza @dessaigne The application comes for free and for small stores our Hacker (free) plan should cover the needs. On top of that, we're not taking any extra fee on top of transactions. :)
Pretty useful integraton. Thanks for this one!
Sweet! Can this be integrated standalone with Shopify Buttons?
@jasobibb Absolutely! We'll index your data as with any other Shopify store. You won't be able to use the front-end implementation we provide with the application, but creating one is really easy using one of our guides: .
Algolia is such a sweet product, and I recon this will be great for a lot of stores!
I tested algolia for Shopify and it works very well. User friendly & Easy to set up.
@p_assef Thanks a lot for this feedback Philippe, and thanks for being part of our beta testers! :)