Algolia CSS API Client

The power of Algolia distilled into a single .css file


Nicolas Dessaigne
@dessaigne · Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
Hey hunters, today we're proud to announce the official release of our brand new CSS API Client - truly the first of its kind. At Algolia, we know that CSS is the most stable and powerful language of our era, and is an essential part of building a beautiful search experience. It works across all browsers and it even works offline. As a company that seeks to… See more
Wilhem Pujar
@wilhempujar · CEO at Stacktical, the Scalomancist
Just fired our entire JS engineering team. Congrats (and thanks)
@thibauld · CEO, Reprezent.us
So inspiring ! I just started working on a NodeCSS server :)
@troblous · Kin.today co-founder
CSS is the new JS 😎
Tim Carry
@pixelastic · Developer Advocate at Algolia
CSS is a very powerful language, known for its incredible selectors. We used that strength at our advantage to select the most relevant content that you would expect from a search engine. You can see the official announcement on our blog: https://blog.algolia.com/js-is-d...