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Algolia is very much a developer-centric company, and we build a lot of projects to make developer’s lives easier. We’re launching Algolia Community to help you discover these projects and learn more about the different tools and extensions we’ve created. You can check out some of our favorite open source projects, including instantsearch.js (, a library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience, and DocSearch (, the easiest way to add search to your documentation. You’ll also find links to all our API clients and tools and can see what upcoming conferences we’re attending. Let us know what you think, and see if you can find some of our team members hidden throughout the page :)
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You guys rock, Algolia is doing a great job. Awesome to see the community release, we'll include docsearch in the next release for
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@tschellenbach Awesome, can't wait to see that!
I've had a great experience working with Algolia on a large scale site. Their platform is solid and their team cares about their users.
@jondcallahan Thanks Jon! It's great to have you as part of the Algolia family.
Great work guys! Design is fabulous. :)
@fazlerocks Thanks Syed! We really enjoyed our AMA last week with you guys :)
Algolia are one of my favourite tech startups right now. They've got an incredible product, they're involved in the community, and they have a solid team who seem to care about what they're doing. Really looking forward to seeing what the future brings. Everyone I've shown a demo to couldn't believe how quick it is when implemented on an eCommerce site ( I'm confident they'll keep advancing the product and surprising us all. P.S. Looking forward to the day I can get my hands on some Algolia swag! ;)
@adamowenit thanks for your kind words Adam! Shoot me your mailing address at guillaume.dumortier(at)algolia(dot)com and I'll make sure some swag will come your way ;)