Airtable Web Clipper for Chrome

Add content from a web page to an Airtable database

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2020
Turn content from a web page into a new record in an Airtable database with this highly customizable browser extension. Automatically extract structured information like titles, prices, and images.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt! At Airtable, we’re empowering people to create their own custom software by giving them a range of familiar, approachable building blocks. The web clipper is the latest addition to this toolkit! During the beta, we heard about people using the web clipper to quickly file bugs and customer feedback, add new games to a board game collection, clip articles to build a newsletter, and create records from Google Contacts for a personal CRM. Out of the box, the web clipper lets you collect structured information based on the fields in your Airtable database. For example, a customer feedback database might have fields for the user's email, message, and a tag for the product area. The web clipper extension will let you fill in all of those fields separately, instead of capturing an unstructured blob of text like most web clippers. But we took it a step further for power users: you can specify rules for automatically extracting information from the page using CSS selectors, HTML attributes, or meta tags. It's been amazing to hear from people who learned about CSS selectors just to speed up their day-to-day workflows using the web clipper! The web clipper block is available on the Airtable Pro plan, and is used in combination with the official Chrome extension. 👉If you’re on a Pro plan, you can get started right away by adding a web clipper block to one of your existing bases, or trying out one of our web clipper-optimized templates: 👉If you're brand-new to Airtable, sign up today for our 14-day trial of the Airtable Pro Plan to use the web clipper block and other premium features. 👉If you're an existing Airtable user and you already had your initial free trial, you're in luck—click to redeem another 2 week free trial:! P.S. we’re hiring! Check out to learn more.
@jeroen_ransijn I'm not seeing where to download the chrome extension. Help?
@damenleeturks The download for the Chrome extension is available here: You will also need the corresponding web clipper block found in the Airtable Blocks catalog.
Super excited for these changes... I requested access to the metatags and this will definitely improve my workload, in addition to updating an existing record... YASSS • Web clipper now supports linked record fields, allowing you to select an existing linked record when clipping from a web page. • You can now set a specific select option as the default value for single and multiple select fields. • Collaborator fields now support clip action user as a default value. (That means that when you use the browser extension to clip from a web page, the designated collaborator field will automatically fill with your name.) • Now, in addition to using CSS selectors to capture default values, you can also extract values from meta tags and HTML attributes. Here's my Web Clipper for grabbing user info from Twitter profiles.
Why do you guys not support certain fields with the extension? Do you guys plan to support them all? I would really like to add date, checkbox, long text field and ratings.
@mullerickins Thanks for the feedback! Long text is supported, and I’ve noted your +1 for for date, checkbox, and ratings for future improvements!
Looks like a damn cool extension.
Hi guys! First, I love AT :) and am a proud Pro user. Just wanted to let you know that I find it somewhat complex to get the clapper. Make sure your flow is curated properly, as when I'm clicking the "get the link" button I'm being directed to a dead end. I can only register for two weeks free - which lead me to my space where there are no further instructions how to move forward. Just a friendly feedback :)