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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 02, 2017


  • Seth HawkinsContent Marketing Manager, Vivint

    Designed with writers in mind. Feature-rich and flexible to adapt to any writer's style. Organizing content is quick and easy.


    A bit of learning curve to figure out how best to use it. Won't let some Chrome plugins interact with it.

    Traditional word processors are fine for writing English papers. But for professional writers – especially those who write online content – something different is needed. That something different is Airstory.

    Airstory allows writers to write without worrying about getting everything in the right order. Each paragraph is treated like a module that can easily be moved around to get the content just right. Continuing with the modular aspect, Airstory also has cards, which can contain any chunk of text that can be inserted anywhere in a piece of content. This is great for inserting research into content.

    The versioning is the most intuitive experience imaginable. Don't think in terms of traditional drafts. Simply slide a timeline bar backwards and see all your past changes. You can stop at any time and pick up from there.

    The team interactivity is also great. You can invite team members to review your content and work from one online file, rather than emailing multiple files back and forth.

    Seth Hawkins has used this product for one month.


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Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
Hello Product Hunters, and thanks @robjama for hunting Airstory! We built Airstory for people who write for work because we write for work. We're the team behind Copy Hackers, where we've helped lots o' businesses (e.g., Crazy Egg, Wistia and Flow) write copy that converts. We've seen startup founders and teams reduced to shreds by the stark emptiness of digital sheets of paper. It ain't a good scene. So we made Airstory, the drag-and-drop document builder. You already drag landing pages together in LeadPages and Unbounce. And newsletters in MailChimp. And graphics in Canva. Why tackle writing projects word by word, line by line? Because we're Trello-obsessed, Airstory is all about the cards. Turn a fact, quote, template, etc into a card and just drag it onto the page. Our Zapier integration means you can auto-create cards out of: - Starred Gmail messages - Starred Slack chats - Typeform entries - Favorited tweets - New Evernote notes And you can collaborate with synchronous editing, threaded commenting, etc. Just like you're used to. Everyone gets a free project for life, with unlimited functionality. If you want more than one project or to invite your team, Product Hunters get a free 60-day trial of Airstory with the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT. (Just enter that code by Feb 9.) And should you sign up today with that code, we'll add to your account a project featuring a templated 5-email new-subscriber sequence. Thanks for checking out! We're stoked to hear what you think. :)
sam@greaterthan1000 · Assistant Principal. Father of twins.
@copyhackers @robjama cards to content is an outstanding idea. Is there talk of further customization in the future? Arranging cards in rows and columns, 2x2 or 3x2 etc.
Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
@greaterthan1000 @robjama thanks - and yes! we've got card grouping on the short-term roadmap. you'll be able to group similar cards together, name the group, collapse it, etc.
Jane Portman@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
Huge congrats on the launch! I've been helping out with UI/UX on different phases of this project — and it's been a long way. I've always admired Joanna's strategic vision. If not her, who else would know (and solve) all the hardships of professional copywriting? Having written three books, I've always struggled to organize little ideas and fragments into actual chapters. Like, "have I used this one yet?" If I had Airstory back then, it wouldn't have been a problem at all. This is a labor of love of many beautiful minds. You should check it out today, as it might become your most favorite writing tool!
Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
@uibreakfast you rock, jane - thanks! we've also struggled to organize ideas for longer-form stuff (as you know!). that pain was the driving force behind making airstory happen.
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Airstory is a new team writing platform that's launching today. It's made by the team behind Copy Hackers. Really excited to see the progress of this - I've worked with the team previously when we were all at Intuit.
Joshua Hardwick@joshuachardwick
I love this! It's like Google Docs on steroids! I was just thinking that the only thing missing is the option to export directly to Wordpress, but then I saw it's on your roadmap for Spring 2017. Perfect.
Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
@joshuachardwick woo-hoo! thanks, joshua. we secretly think of it as Google Docs on steroids, too. :)
Joshua Hardwick@joshuachardwick
@copyhackers Just been trying to sign up for the free trial but can't figure out how to do it (am I just being stupid?) - the "start your free trial" link at the bottom of the page doesn't work :( Also, how much is this? Can't see any pricing info either.
Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
@joshuachardwick thank you! those footer links are pointing to the wrong spot. total miss on our part! how's this: for pricing: it will be $25 per user per month.
Joshua Hardwick@joshuachardwick
@copyhackers so that's for unlimited projects? Also, just to clarify, if I enter my card details + the couple code "PRODUCTHUNT" in my account, I won't be charged for 60 days?
Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
@joshuachardwick exactly, yup!
Laura Roeder@lkr · Founder, MeetEdgar & Ropig
"Searchable, sortable Card Library" very cool!
Joanna WiebeMaker@copyhackers · Copy Hackers and Airstory
@lkr spoken by someone who knows libraries! (that's an edgar reference. anyway.) thanks, laura!