airfocus Priority Poker

A revolutionary and new way for teams to prioritize πŸƒπŸ€—

Invite experts to your prioritization scoring to benefit from team wisdom, more objective decisions, and greater alignment.
Learn more in this 2-minute video: – Smarter Roadmap Prioritization.
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Hey product hunters, First of all, thanks to @robjama for hunting airfocus Priority Poker. We're super excited to be here. Our goal with airfocus is to give you an easy-to-use solution so you can make better prioritization decisions and build more effective roadmaps. Why did we create Priority Poker? From countless customer interviews, we learned that teams seek ways to democratize prioritization (or at least the way they collect ratings on business values, costs, and risks). To learn more about how it works, check this... - blog post: - or video: We have a nice present as well for the Product Hunt community: Apply PRODUCTHUNT at checkout and save $100 when subscribing for any of our plans. I hope we can welcome you to airfocus to help you build even better products. Our team will be available all day to answer any questions you may have. What is important to you for a Prioritization & Roadmapping solution? We're really looking forward to your feedback πŸ™.
We've been using airfocus for a while now at Cherrydeck. It's been such a great help in prioritising and making sure we stay focused on the right things. With the new addition of priority poker, the product becomes capable of making team decisions in a heartbeat, which really simplifies our workflow. Product Teams everywhere will love this πŸ’―
Great to have you as customers, @louis_sugar. Thanks so much.
Looks like a very interesting tool and the need of the hour. We have become so much robotic at handling and completing tasks, but with Airfocus, we can prioritize on what's essential and streamlines the overall workflow.
Thanks, @abbassarfraz. You're spot on. Ineffective prioritization = roadmaps that deliver on what they promise.
With the Priority Poker we finally have a tool to include people within the organization that haven't been able to participate in plannings before!
wa wa wi wa! this looks interestinggggg . thanks airfocus team!