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While I see the value and need, I'm afraid a candidate that applied to for the job would be put off by having a 3rd party interview them (especially if it's their first call). It's not the most welcoming interaction and might make them question leadership's ability. Thoughts, @akshayibanez / @aatifh?
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Hi @rrhoover, you have got a valid point. :-) We have seen apprehensions in the beginning related to this from some companies. So, we decided to leave that decision to the companies whether they want to disclose to the candidate that there is a 3rd party who would do the interview or it's just an extension of their team. In most of the cases, Aircto represents the company. Hence the candidate’s interaction with the company is not affected.
@aatifh @rrhoover until the candidate asks questions like, "what's it like to work at XYZ?". This is an interesting challenge to overcome. Curious to see how candidates take both scenarios.
@kunalslab True. Usually (if these questions comes up), we tell the candidates that we will arrange a follow-up call with the HR to answer these queries. Also, we have a very sorted interview guidelines for the experts to follow. So, our experts keep the conversation completely as a technical interview.
@rrhoover @akshayibanez @aatifh I could see the potential for a non-technical team needing help in vetting tech talent. If you have a tech team and you're outsourcing the vetting process, it's a red flag for the candidate.
@rrhoover It might be fine for candidate screening process in entry level openings.
this is a great idea. at the start of Vungle, we had to ask our engineering friends (that we were lucky to meet via the angelpad incubator) to help interview our first few engineering hires.
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@_jacksmith Thanks Jack for hunting us. We are glad you like aircto. :)
@aatifh @akshayibanez This is awesome! Nice work. Are you planning to only work directly with businesses, or will you also be working with 3rd party recruiting firms / headhunters? I can see it being a great tool in both scenarios.
Hey @arrev - thanks for the kind words. :) Very good question. Actually, we are already working with a limited number of recruitment agencies where they get their candidates interviewed with our technical experts before they share the candidates with their clients. This helps them source qualified candidates to their clients and improves their conversion rates.
Greetings! Product hunters. Engineers are the backbone of a company. True! But there is something that disturbs their overall productivity. It is nothing but devoting their productive hours on interviewing unqualified candidates. Primarily, because of the discrepancies between the resume and actual skills of the candidate. As a result, you often end up interviewing unqualified candidates. We have developed a solution for it. Aircto has a curated list of technical experts who would screen candidates for you. Moreover, you get comprehensive feedback report of each interview sharing in-depth insights on the skills of the candidate. Let me give you the simple process as to how aircto works 1. Company uploads the resumes of the candidate to aircto system. 2. The proprietary algorithm then schedules the interview with relevant experts with the candidate. 3. The interview happens over a call. 4. A detailed feedback report is sent to the company for each interview. Let us know your views in the comments. We’ll truly appreciate it. :)
Great idea. We had our friends with strong tech backgrounds help us build our early tech team. And it helps enormously if the founding team doesn't have an engineering background
Great idea for a product. Looks like it's been executed well
@johnsteerfowler Thanks for your encouraging words. :-)