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Aircall now comes with a collaborative soft phone for Mac or Chrome, that will change the way people handle and follow-up on calls. Webhooks & Slack integration as a bonus :-)
Thank you Mathilde for submitting Aircall! I'm its CEO and co-founder, and we're launching our V2 today. Aircall is a SaaS software allowing companies to set up and manage their phone support online, virtually anywhere in the world, within minutes. I'm happy to answer any of your questions.
Cool. Could this replace Grasshopper?
@jabrueckner absolutely. Especially if you want to distribute calls easily across a team (in function of working hours, timezones, availability, etc)
We use aircall over at PopChef for customer support and to handle calls from our delivery team. UX is pretty similar to mailbox, you can archive calls and handle them pretty easily as a team. It's an awesome product, I definitely recommend using it !
amazing product