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Smart play by Airbnb. Like a tradition hotel chain, they have thousands of locations around the world to distribute their magazine to their end customers to upsell Airbnb Experiences and (hopefully) help people have a more enjoyable trip.
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@jgebbia This is amazing! Love this and is exactly why my team and I set out to build Pinguin. Would love to chat with you about how we feel Pinguin + AirBnB could be an amazing partnership and lead to even better stories around travel, community, and coming together as people are intended to do. Congrats on this beautifully done mag! Will be checking it out! 😄 Let me know if we can schedule a chat. Even if for 5 min. Cheers, Josh
@joshua_gunning you are publicly asking airbnb to chat?
@mikee_shattuck I did that ☺️. Given other paths a shot and no luck. Figured the worst I'd get here is have no luck as well.
@jgebbia Very cool and smart product! I love to hear of people's travelling experiences, it's great for inspiration. Feature Suggestions: 1) Magazine articles regarding "Upcoming Events" featuring airbnb venues in location(s) of relevance. 2) QR codes linking directly to (article-relevant) airbnb host postings for metrics regarding magazine turn-over rate. 3) QR codes linking to "online comment sections" for each article, to review online feedback for the physical magazine's articles. 4) "Blank Notes Sections" following articles for readers to jot-down their notes/opinions/impressions/plans for the articles of relevance. 5) Airbnbmag will make great airport/bus-terminal reading material and in-flight magazine as well. Consider promoting/selling at said locations. 6) An online platform where airbnb users can submit their own blogs and images from their travels for a chance to have them converted and featured into Airbnbmag articles. 7) "What to bring (for trip)/What to buy (at destination)" sections featured with the magazine articles so people can plan ahead for the best experience. Thanks for reading & best regards to your inspiring initiative. JB.
Why did you ditch your original magazine project, Pineapple? And why did you decide to revive the project now?
@automaticyes exactly the same thought
Am I the only one that doesn't get this at all? Does anyone really have magazine subscriptions anymore? Not sure this is where I would have invested resources.
@andrewplittle actually, with the recent fake-news hysteria subscription numbers went up again for a lot of traditional newspapers. Also Sales for printed books are going up. There seems to be kind of a print-revive, at least for stuff that is well designed.
@danielschlossfr Crazy! Im still a little skeptical that this would take off, but that insight you provided is interesting.
I have seen success with really niche travel publications. It sounds counter-intuitive, but having a smaller reach to a super defined audience (like Airbnb travelers) is better than buckshotting to a larger one. There are a few small travel publications that are doing really well right now.
@andrewplittle actually niche, high production magazines are doing quite well. It's mass market magazines that are suffering.
@andrewplittle Independent publishing has seen an enormous resurgence, beginning in the early 2000s and accelerating through to today. Magazines like O32c, Apartamento, Gather, Johnson, Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman, etc. have made a significant cultural impact and have reshaped the magazine landscape from the boring commercial and mass market titles that have traditionally dominated. There's definitely a place for a niche travel magazine in the market. Ultimately, Airbnb is most likely leveraging this to promote the value they create for their hosts and by association - the cities they live in. The more propaganda in the market - the better ;)