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Air 2.0

Cloud storage rebuilt for continuous video ☁️


Air is like Dropbox for video - a mobile/web app that lets you record & store unlimited video. 2.0 features many exciting enhancements to our platform:

✔ Import from web, Dropbox, & iOS Camera Roll

✔ Export on mobile & web

✔ Application redesign

✔ Notifications & Activity tab

✔ Dynamic sync to improve clip upload speed

✔ New subscription options

5 Reviews
Jack Smith
Will Lam
Timothy Meaney
 +17 reviews
  • Will Lam
    Will LamPM & Marketer

    All the storage!


    Not sure yet

    Super slick user experience. Fair price.. thinking of moving all my videos of to Air to clear up space.. even if I have 256 GB of storage, there will never be enough.

    Will Lam has used this product for one week.
  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua HuntLead Designer, City Hope Church

    All the perks of a Google Pixel without having to own a Google Pixel. I dig it.


    Nothing negative to report yet. We'll see!

    I bought a 128GB iPhone thinking it would provide the infinite-storage experience I was looking for. 5 months later, I realized I was wrong. I'm stoked about Air.

    Joshua Hunt has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Never have to think about storage space


    I take videos of everything now

    At a glance you might think iCloud/Dropbox/Google Photos is the same but it's quickly clear just how much better this is. It feels so much smoother to capture with Air than anything else. All I have to do is shoot what I want to shoot and I never have to think about storage again.

    The subtle thing that also comes thru is that the app isn't just video first, it's privacy first. When I want to share something it's straightforward and easy and the quality feels like they're watching straight off my phone. But it only shares if I choose to share it. Otherwise the video is purely mine.

    Alexander Lazar has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    easy to use, benefits aren't found on other platforms


    Can't find any.

    Pretty interface and love their social content.

    Rachel Issan Lowenstein has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    super easy to store and view all videos



    Best app for videos

    Cesar Loyola has used this product for one year.