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Keith Brown@optimizethis · VP Marketing
It is great to see this live. The Starter roadmap makes building a visual product roadmap a snap. But it is important to call out that it is not just another simple roadmap drawing tool. As you drag and drop you are creating real product data in your account that can be used to manage releases, prioritize features, and capture ideas. Then you can securely share these roadmaps with anyone using Notebooks. More info on the blog: http://blog.aha.io/starter-produ...
Jonathon Cunningham@jonathon_cunningham
We love Aha!'s roadmap as it is but being able to group items like this really takes it to the next level. Can't wait to login and try it out!
Brian de HaaffMaker@bdehaaff · CEO, Aha!
@jonathon_cunningham Thanks for the comment. And thanks for your use of Aha! The key here is that what you create is not just a pretty picture -- the info you add to create your roadmap is then accessible throughout the application. You can use it and report on in everywhere.
Jonathon Cunningham@jonathon_cunningham
@bdehaaff Thats the real differentiator that we've found with your product vs. others: the connection points between all the moving parts takes the pain out of managing projects (especially large, long term initiatives).
Brian de HaaffMaker@bdehaaff · CEO, Aha!
@jonathon_cunningham That is good to hear. Thanks.
Chris@chriscchan · Business Development at FARMWAVE
Starter Roadmap is what you would get if TeamGantt and Trello had a baby.
Sujan PatelPro@sujanpatel · Co-Founder of Mailshake
Perfect timing as we're looking to plan our product roadmap for Mailshake.
Brian de HaaffMaker@bdehaaff · CEO, Aha!
@sujanpatel That was good timing indeed. Let us know how it goes. A lot went into the Starter roadmap because we needed to make sure that it was not just a "one and done" roadmap like you would get if you built one in PowerPoint. You can keep building and refining with this and use the data on all the screens in Aha!
EJ@rightleftbraine · Product Design Manager
Looks like a great way to quickly build a roadmap, love that the data entered connects to the rest of the app too. Very cool!
Keith Brown@optimizethis · VP Marketing
@rightleftbraine Thanks EJ! Yes, and that is the best part. You can quickly build a roadmap, but then once you are done your data is already in Aha! for you to continue building and refining over time.
Brian de HaaffMaker@bdehaaff · CEO, Aha!
@rightleftbraine Thanks. It is easy to build a screen where you just add a bunch of boxes with colors and names and move them around. But it's basically impossible to manage a real product that way and work with a team. I know, I tried :-) That is why Aha! allows you to start with a simple roadmap and then build it out and manage your products in a more sophisticated way over the long haul.