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Keith Brown
@optimizethis · Sr. Director @ Aha!
We have been humbled by the feedback and growth of Aha! -- we now serve over 100,000 users. I wanted to take a moment and provide a quick update since it's been awhile since Aha! was hunted and we have made quite a few significant additions. Here are a few of them: - Reports to analyze everything product management without using spreadsheets - Portfolio man… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I have yet to find a great project management tool, especially those that accurately and effectively communicate roadmaps without ridiculous overhead. Anyone have experience using this?
Joshua Scott
@startupjoshua · Director of Product @ CyberSponse
I've used Aha! to test out product management features and overall I was impressed. Product management is complex work, so there really is no simple, one page solution in my opinion. I mean, think of how many tools are typically used to enable product management: email, documents, file sharing, collaboration sites, ticketing systems, and potentially other sp… See more
Robert Shedd
@shedd · Co-Founder & CTO at Zoomer
My main problem is that tools that do a good job of managing the nuts and bolts of the project seldom do a good job of managing the bigger picture roadmap of the product. There are tons of project management tools, but very few of the latter, which Aha seems to aiming for. Haven't used it, but it looks interesting. It does seem like every startup has an E… See more
Tanner Hearne
@tannerhearne · Dir. of Product, Musicbed and Filmsupply
We've been using Aha! for maybe 8 to 12 months. We really like the top level planning it allows us to put down on paper. Many of the things Aha! is great at modeling are the type of things that live solely in soft conversations or in executives and the leaderships' minds. By writing this stuff out, and going down from level to level we are able to refine … See more