The future of credit, now on your homescreen.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2017

With Affirm, you can split almost any online purchase into easy monthly payments. Unlike a credit card, there are no hidden fees and no surprises. Just enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision, then choose the payment schedule that works for you!

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  • Rebecca GarciaGeekGirlWeb

    Easy to use, affordable microloans for purchases


    Wish it was accepted in more places!

    I have been using Affirm for large purchases $500+ from tech/e-commerce companies like Leesa (mattress), Casper (mattress) and Peloton (indoor cycling bike) with no interest and it's been awesome!

    Rebecca Garcia has used this product for one year.
  • Bart Lewis Jr.Customer Support, RG

    Easy credit on fixed terms


    Interest rates can be a bit high

    I used this to buy a computer from System 76. They have been really easy to work with. I setup auto pay to my debit card, they always send a warning and they payment just comes out. No worries. Love it. Will use again.

    Bart Lewis Jr. has used this product for one month.


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Max LevchinMakerHiring@mlevchin
In 2016, credit card issuers in the United States raked in $94.3 billion in fees and $70.4 billion in interest income. The average credit card has 6 fees, with some having as many as 12! Credit is broken and the incentives for banks that issue it are built on business models that profit from hurting consumers and betting on their failure. The future of credit is here and it is not a piece of plastic, it is an app. The Affirm app will serve as a platform for us to deliver even more products that improves lives.
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
Does this product work only for US citizens and permanent residents?
Max LevchinMakerHiring@mlevchin
@erickbarron86 U.S. only (for now)
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
@mlevchin yes, but I meant if it's restricted to citizens or any USA resident with a SSN can apply?
Alexander Haniotis@alexhaniotis · Designer
@erickbarron86 Works for US residents with an SSN
Tony Brix@tonybrix
$205.11 on a $96 loan!!! That's about 450% APR
Tony Brix@tonybrix
I think that is supposed to be a $196 loan @mlevchin i think the math is still a little off
niki@niksk · PM, Affirm
@tonybrix yes this was just bad math in the screen shot :( updated now!
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Affirm is now available on iOS and Android! Love the reactions so far on twitter + Max's tweet introducing it. "This is amazing" "Affirm reinvents credit for the next era. More than an app, a new way to think about credit." "This is beautiful"
Taylor Banks@taylor_banks
Tried to submit my info via the "business" page, and got a "method not supported" error. Looks like form submission is currently broken?
Asi Behar@asibehar1
Hey @taylor_banks - I've been trying to duplicate that issue with no luck. Can you try filling out that form one more time to rule out a temporary provider hiccup? If it's still not working for you, can you shoot me a note at to troubleshoot?
Taylor Banks@taylor_banks
@affirm @asibehar1 same error... sent email.