Find emails + phone numbers of businesses


Kieran Daniels
@kieran_daniels · CEO, TopAgent.io
The phone numbers is a huge bonus IF it's accurate, but the pricing is effectively $2 a lead and that's pricey.
Preston Long-Lamoureux
@pmlonglamoureux · @Prog_Code Staffer | Progressive
I used @AeroLeads when they first launched to search for sales leads and the quality was ok. Hopefuly they have improved over the last couple of months. Overall, a good idea and would try them again.
Al Mackin
@almackin · Founder
Hey guys - thanks for sharing this. When I try to change the search parameters in the G search the extension doesn't pick up on this. For example I want to search on uk.linkedin.com to pick up just UK contacts.
Marco Burgin
@marco_burgin · Marketing Executive at ReplyUp
Cool! Is it similiar to Close.io (http://close.io) and Found.ly (https://demo.found.ly/)?
Jack Paxton
@jackhenrypaxton · Digital Marketing - Media Buyer
Nice, will this be able to replace ninja outreach?