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AeroLeads is a powerful prospect and lead generation software used by over 18,000 small and mid size businesses.

With AeroLeads, you can build your own b2b mailing lists and find potential sales leads. It offers simple 1 click data transfer to salesforce, zapier, mailchimp, hubspot, pipedrive etc too.


  • Pros: 

    Very convenient interface and affordable pricing for the quality that they supply.


    Haven't found any cons really.

    Found AeroLeads through its blog which contains content on digital marketing and lead generation and makes it so much more easier to understand. Check it out here.

    Paras Bavishi has used this product for one week.
  • Shalini YadavDigital Marketer Freelancer

    simple and easy to use


    nothing as such

    AeroLeads is a good tool for generating leads and prospects with accuracy. AeroLeads is a good CRM tool for generating leads and prospects. It is a multipurpose tool- unlike other tools which can only find emails or just can add leads to the CRM databases, AeroLeads has a floating button whenever you open a LinkedIn profile, you can just click the AeroLeads icon and add the leads to your AeroLeads dashboard. On your AeroLeads dashboard you can find the added prospect with name, title, and employer, in addition to it you can find email and phone number of the prospect and an option to add that lead to your CRM tools such as Salesforce.

    Shalini Yadav has used this product for one year.


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Kieran Daniels@kieran_daniels · CEO,
The phone numbers is a huge bonus IF it's accurate, but the pricing is effectively $2 a lead and that's pricey.
Pushkar GaikwadMakerHiring@pushkargaikwad · Founder, AeroLeads
@kieran_daniels Hi Kieran, actually the pricing is $0.49 per lead (which keeps going down based on volume) and Phone numbers are always accurate as we are pulling those from the company websites.
Preston Long-Lamoureux@pmlonglamoureux · @Prog_Code Staffer | Progressive
I used @AeroLeads when they first launched to search for sales leads and the quality was ok. Hopefuly they have improved over the last couple of months. Overall, a good idea and would try them again.
Pushkar GaikwadMakerHiring@pushkargaikwad · Founder, AeroLeads
@pmlonglamoureux Thanks Preston for trying AeroLeads in the past. We have improved the software a lot from initial days which were often "learning by trial and error". Now the software has matured and gives far more accurate results.
Jack Paxton@jackhenrypaxton · Acquisition Expert
Nice, will this be able to replace ninja outreach?
Pushkar GaikwadMakerHiring@pushkargaikwad · Founder, AeroLeads
@jackhenrypaxton Hi Jack, NinjaOutreach is a really good tool but we are aligning AeroLeads with more b2b data and vertical insights. We are also looking to launch features where our users can search business insights too.
Al Mackin@almackin · Founder
Hey guys - thanks for sharing this. When I try to change the search parameters in the G search the extension doesn't pick up on this. For example I want to search on to pick up just UK contacts.
Pushkar GaikwadMakerHiring@pushkargaikwad · Founder, AeroLeads
@almackin Hi Al, thanks for the feedback. This actually is a really good suggestion and we will surely put UK and major country Google search into the next version of AeroLeads.
Marco Burgin@marco_burgin · Marketing Executive at ReplyUp
Cool! Is it similiar to ( and (
Pushkar GaikwadMakerHiring@pushkargaikwad · Founder, AeroLeads
@marco_burgin Hi Marco, though I haven't used but from what I know, is more like PipeDrive which comes under "sales management' category where as AeroLeads will come under "prospect generation" category. I actually think AeroLeads work really well with Pipedrive/ as it funnels prospects into them and we are working in building 1 click data transfer to pipedrive and
Marco Burgin@marco_burgin · Marketing Executive at ReplyUp