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Kieran Daniels — CEO,
The phone numbers is a huge bonus IF it's accurate, but the pricing is effectively $2 a lead and that's pricey.
Pushkar Gaikwad — Founder, AeroLeads
@kieran_daniels Hi Kieran, actually the pricing is $0.49 per lead (which keeps going down based on volume) and Phone numbers are always accurate as we are pulling those from the company websites.
Preston Long-Lamoureux — Progressive Politics
I used @AeroLeads when they first launched to search for sales leads and the quality was ok. Hopefuly they have improved over the last couple of months. Overall, a good idea and would try them again.
Pushkar Gaikwad — Founder, AeroLeads
@pmlonglamoureux Thanks Preston for trying AeroLeads in the past. We have improved the software a lot from initial days which were often "learning by trial and error". Now the software has matured and gives far more accurate results.
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