Pushkar Gaikwad

Pushkar Gaikwad

Founder of AeroLeads, Bootstrapper, Life Hacker.
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What is Pushkar Gaikwad?
Find Business Emails and Phone Numbers with AeroLeads Lead Generation Software. B2B Data, Email Finder, Email Verifier, B2B email list building Tool. Founder of @AeroLeads, Bootstrapper, Life Hacker. Likes Building Things. Want to take Humanity Forward

Pushkar Gaikwad tech stack

We're aware of 7 technologies that Pushkar Gaikwad is built with. Pushkar Gaikwad utilizes products like Crisp, Microsoft Clarity in their tech stack

Recent launches

AeroLeads - Email Finder

AeroLeads find email addresses and phone numbers with its chrome plugin.

With AeroLeads, you can build your b2b mailing lists and find potential sales leads. It offers transfer to salesforce, mailchimp, hubspot, pipedrive, zapier, freshsales too.

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