Aerate for macOS

Ridiculously good lossless image compression

Aerate is a category leading lossless image compressor for macOS. Easily and dramatically compress PNG and JPG images using all new engines and settings. Save results individually, and with the new multi-core mode, process bulk tasks at unbelievable speeds.
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What is the Weissman score for it?
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Why do you compare yourself to ImageOptim and show that the results of that app are better then yours?
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@patrickloonstra look at the time elapsed, smarty pants
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@patrickloonstra If you look, they are marginally better but take about 3x longer
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@bzg0515 Good that you accnolish that, a cup of coffee will solve that also.
@patrickloonstra no need to continue condescending comments, especially when they make yourself look even more out of touch. Just stop commenting next time you clearly make a mistake :-)
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@bzg0515 Sorry man, that was absolutely not the intention.
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Hi ProductHunt! We're really excited to be launching Aerate today! As you can see above, Aerate is a complete rethinking of conventional image compression tool, with innovative new modes and the unbelievably powerful multi-core mode. With Aerate, we're making a free version available to all, with some of these more powerful features being exclusive to Aerate Pro. Just for you guys, we're offering 35% off today only using the code 'ProductHunt' at checkout! Additionally, here are 8 free licenses for the first lucky grabbers: 28227737-D3EF211A-9CF9B3EB-7CD7D0A8-F2A7E7E1 A8A92133-9E29A6C6-92893BDD-94A34878-19B70638 7AFABF13-82C2643E-B138AAFF-72B5711C-A72F4CDE 4CF53586-B93EB02A-6D4C57AE-A6469C80-1D2F5A9F 9270F443-C9EB6528-84F9A466-A2A21F3A-BDF4A6C2 CA815AD3-B8D5D931-25D36734-8D9ABF2E-033C52CB 81EF727E-FD91CC6D-2D3720A9-DD59C2BD-B949A55B 2097CCAB-9982E215-0E93B45C-59D9C1DF-E6BE134F Please be sure to let us know what you think and leave us a review on the Mac App Store!
@bzg0515 Hi Binyamin! How do I apply one of the free licenses? I only see options to buy and not a box to input a license key.
@chad_fullerton All the licensees have been used, however I may give more away on twitter soon @bzgoldman
This seems like a great option for web purpose. I tried some bulk compression, it is a tiny bit slower than expected with PNGs but it works pretty well. I download it from the Mac App Store and there is no place to put the licenses codes in the app. Good work !
There is no place to put the licenses code in the app. Paddle Checkout Coupon does not valid
@huuphong_nguyen it’s tiny but a few pages in about 2/3rds up the window