Unified inbox, CRM & analytics for sales teams

Unify your sales communications into a single tool, from messaging to email, you manage your sales pipeline and CRM in one tab. Now you can track your business revenue from lead source to invoice in one easy to use dashboard.

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Benjamin Powell
Product manager & Co-Founder
Hi Product Hunters, Adsoup came from my need to make my job in agency sales easier. Firstly, I wanted to reduce the number of tabs I had open monitoring all the channels I was using for sales. I believe that being the first to respond to an enquiry dramatically increases your chances of getting the meeting, but it was a pain to be always on everything all the time. Secondly, I didn't want to manually copy data from Email, Live chat, FB, Line, Whatsapp and so on, into a CRM. Keeping information is essential, but it's time-consuming and easy to forget to copy important messages. Stuff gets lost, and that can drop a sale. Thirdly, I wanted to be able to track my business' sales from each channel I was using, as I was spending money advertising, but as my sales took a month or so to work through the pipeline, I had no idea what spend was converting into actual revenue. All the current conversation tracking is: First contact = Conversion. Great, I know I get lots of contacts, but what converts to revenue? Unlike E-commerce, my sales take time to convert. Fourthly... (is that a word?), I couldn't find anything on the market that was connecting Live chat, Facebook, Line and Email to my CRM/sales pipeline tool, that wasn't charging a lot of money per seat... So I built Adsoup to solve these (and other) issues. Adsoup is the culmination of around 18 months work, lots of testing and still lots more features to come. We're doing 90 days free trial right now, and happy to extend that for Hunters that reach out with any suggestions on how we can make it faster, more attractive or just better!