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Remember when all stock images looked the same?

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Can't tell you how many times I've seen this kid:
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So is this just a stock photo library? I'm having a hard time understanding what's being "reinvented" here.
@wisj26 think reinvented is a bit strong but optimized. Allows for better workflow on adobe products. Any idea on a price SAAS model ect?
Funny campaign stock photography apparel:
These guys just bought the old and much loved Dollar Photo Club, rebadged it to Adobe Stock and doubled the price 😳
@andhugg I "had" some credits in Dollar Photo Club. Since the takeover, I can't use those credits anymore. Sad.
@qhameem I had the option to transfer my credits and a year long 10€ per month for 10 photos on Adobe Stock. Same as Dollar Photo Club!
Thank goodness for Unsplash