Adobe Slate

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#5 Product of the DayApril 02, 2015
Why is this iPad only, especially if the output can be viewed on any device?
@ninthart You can also create from the web
A free consumer app that lets a range of business and educational users construct polished multi-part stories with high-quality images, text and layouts. Offers professionally designed magazine-style layouts complete with fonts, colors and motion graphics. Content created for Slate automatically adapts to fit any viewing device, including tablets, smartphones or computers. Slate stories, via a single Web link, can also be shared by text message or email, embedded in Websites or posted on social media. Using a set of pre-designed templates, Slate users can create anything from magazine-like travel stories and photo albums to newsletters and reports.
Looks like a Mention metoo - would have loved a PDF export - apart from that onboardong is good, it is clean and efficient.