Adobe Shape CC

Capture shapes with your iPhone and save them as vectors.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2014
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I'm unclear what the primary use case is for this. Is it for translating pen-and-paper sketches to vector shapes? That makes sense but the example on the site appears to be a photo of a billboard or structure. It's not very clear.
@rrhoover Designers get a lot of inspiration from the real world. I spend a lot of time sketching buildings and sculptures looking for unique shapes to use in designs. In fact, many illustrators will take photos of things like buildings and then turn them into vectors by hand to use in backgrounds. Personally, I'm loving the new battlefield between Adobe and Autodesk for consumer creative tools. We get more interesting tools for free as a result.
@rrhoover The primary use is to trace shapes. Of course most of the shapes people want to trace are like paper sketches but apparently Adobe wants you to use with other shapes that you see, to "get creative". They are really building things to be used by people who have Creative Cloud – my case – what is very nice. The integration of Shape and Illustrator is cool, you can easily see your shape in your Illustration Library. I think that is the most important thing they want with that many apps: the integration of CC gives freedom to you create wherever you are and quickly change the platform. Here is a shape a made with a pic I took on Pergamon Museum and applied three times on Illustrator Draw (iPad): And here you can see the shapes I created on my Illustrator's library and a shape I did taking a picture of my bike and other with a pic of a pillow:
Just tried it. It work well with line drawings, not solid shapes.