Adobe Animate CC

Design interactive animations with cutting-edge drawing tool

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Maxim Ananov
@pointum · Distraction Dimmer • HazeOver.com
Say what you want about Flash format itself, but the app to create animations has been top-notch for a long time. I'm sure Flash wouldn't be so ubiquitous if the app hasn't been so powerful and easy to use. You can create animations, banners and even script descent games. I loved using it since way back when it was made by Macromedia.
Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Adobe today officially launched Animate CC, the latest version of its animation tool for the web. Animate CC was previously known as Flash Professional. Design interactive animations with cutting-edge drawing tools and publish them to multiple platforms including Flash/AIR, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL or even custom platforms and reach viewers on virtually any des… See more
Dror Cohen
@drorco · CEO & Co-Founder, CodersClan
Looks interesting but where can I see actual demos in which a complex Flash animation has been converted to HTML Canvas or WebGL?
Bryce Daniel
@bryceoflife · Co-Founder & CEO @ Nubko
My design career started in Flash Pro. It might be worth checking this out again. If only CC wasn't so expensive for students.