Financial chatbot that monitors your income and expenses

Abe AI empowers banks to deliver world-class customer service, streamline operations, and drive profitable growth with Artificial Intelligence.

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Hey all, we have some large plans for PH, but not quite yet. We've replaced the sign up with beta access, check back soon.
@robguilfoyle rob, this looks like a really good product. I'm looking forward to when it's available in Australia.
@robguilfoyle Looking forward to the unveiling, Rob.
These chat bots are really neat. What's the anatomy of one like? I signed up to check it out but budgeting isn't the only personal finance problem out there. My personal pain point is simply knowing what my assets are and collecting all my financial documents in one place. I'd love to have an app that simply fetched my statements, told me what my current balances and assets are, and kept track of pending payments. I can think of a few other bonus features like notifying me of unusual activity but the days of feature bloated financial software ended over a decade ago with the sunset of Microsoft Money. In the spirit of minimalism, I'd opt for adding budgeting and other features as modular options that you otherwise wouldn't see if disabled. Reliability is also crucial, it seems like Mint is constantly complaining about difficulty accessing my accounts despite sticking to only the big banks.
Would be great if later on, it manages the financial accounts as well (automatically transfer the money from debit accounts to credit accounts).
Cool - difference between this & Cleo?
@seffa121 We have put an enormous focus on doing things for the user, requiring less work for more value. An example of this is the budget process. We run algorithms to detect habitually where your money goes and build simple budgets off recurring incomes and expenses. This includes that daily coffee or random car washes. Our plan is continue to do more for you and simple update as we are helping you grow cash and reduce debt.
Love me some Abe ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ