22x Fund is an index fund for startups, offering access to the 22nd batch of 500 Startup companies.

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This is cool. Shaun, how are you managing US security law compliance given that this token (representing equities in real companies) would be classified as a security offering?
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@nickabouzeid Hi Nick! I am one of the participating founders. 22X is a private fund that is being offered pursuant to Section 506(c) and is reliant on available exemptions under the Investment Company Act. There's more specifics in our whitepaper, if you're curious.
@nickabouzeid @ayushk there are min funding requirements and a 1 year hold period so these tokens are not trading for a while.
@nickabouzeid @illfee Just to be clear: the holding period applies only to US investors. Outside the US, minimums are lower too. Within the US, we had to choose a compliance framework that made sense given the current legislative landscape.
This is about democratizing access - changing who gets to invest and who gets funding. Much needed and excited its a crypto offering!
Nice! Congrats Shaun!

This is the future of funding for accelerator companies and early stage startups.


Easy and low cost way to invest in a diverse portfolio of vetted startups


If you are a US investor there is a large minimum in the presale