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I'm still trying to nail the perfect 10 words before we launch. I feel compelled to launch faster whilst there's still a chance to beat the rush. I can't yet call myself a "publishing" user but will settle for "rabid fan".


Better than an elevator pitch, like one word-per-step between floors. Seriously, if you can't be this concise, you don't yet have a product


You may lose productivity trying to summarise your startup

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Really liked the feature of having a weekly winner and rolling that winner into the next newsletter too. The format forces you to think of what most people may remember from your pitch, ours was "CodePilot.ai: Google for Developers, faster solutions for your coding problems." If you can't boil it down to 10 words, keep trying. Best of luck Chris!


Simple clean and right to the point.

+1 for email vs a website as I can find my own time to read the new listings.


Chrome extension, still have not used that myself but I have submitted via other methods

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