While not quite an encyclopedia, "101+ Recruiting Hacks to Accelerate Your Hiring in 2018" holds precisely 103 fresh recruiting hacks that you can start experimenting with today. We combined what we've learned in growing Lever from 1 to 150 employees with tips from the pros at Netflix, Thread, Medallia, LevelUp, Engagio, Whisper & more. Enjoy!

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This is a fun list! I can imagine if you implemented even 10% of these it would probably dramatically improve results. I especially like hacks 25, 31, 85, 91, and 97.
@pseudovirtual thanks Vinay! Exactly - that's the beauty of this - implementing one or two ideas can be game-changing :)
Wait, this links to a lead generation form instead of the actual product. Tricky.
Hey PH community! Leela here, co-conspirator on "101+ Recruiting Hacks" with Maya Humes from my team at Lever. We're really pleased to share our product with you. Why we made it: it may be almost 2018, but hiring remains the unfortunate combination of really critical and really hard. This is especially true at startups, where each hire has the power to transform or torpedo your company. Not only that, you're probably trying to hire while multitasking on the approximately one million other things that need to be done, seemingly yesterday. At Lever we have the privilege of providing the software that 1500 or so companies around the world - ranging from small startup to Netflix, KPMG New Zealand, Hot Topic and beyond - use to power their recruiting efforts. We've also scaled up to 150 employees, therefore done a fair amount of hiring ourselves. Whether through our own recruiting experiences or through constantly talking to our customers, we realized we were sitting on a valuable trove of time- and productivity-saving hacks that could help you hire high quality talent, more effectively and efficiently than ever before. We don't expect you to adopt all 103 hacks in this book, but if you take away even 3-5 ideas on how to approach hiring differently, that could translate into big wins. Sincere thanks to our friends and customers at Netflix, Medallia, Thread, Whisper, LevelUp, Engagio and The Talent Agency for contributing some really cool and valuable ideas to this volume. We hope you like it - we're totally open to feedback, and if you have a recruiting hack you're proud of, feel free to add it via a comment! Cheers all - wishing you a happy and productive year of hiring in 2018, let us know if Lever can help you - Leela
@leelasrin Slightly shameless plug but one resource I think might be very helpful for recruiters is a site I worked on to help compare career ladders across companies: http://www.Levels.fyi
@ziggym0 cool, thanks for sharing - will check it out!
Great job !! congratulations @leelasrin for making this super useful to recruiters and companies in better selection and getting hold of prospective employees. 😊
@ayush_chandra you're so welcome! Imagine if every company was actually good at recruiting... how would that feel to candidates? What would it mean for the trajectory of organizations? What a wonderful world it would be...
Work-only email address is really annoying. I can't download :( And do you NEED all that data? Let people get the ebook then follow up on more signed up people who are more willing to reciprocate :)
@realmilkymedia hey if you email me at leela@lever.co I will pass it along