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Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 29th, 2021

2021’s most upvoted products, Volume IV

We have made it all the way to the top 10 most upvoted products of the year. Let's go!

10. Podcastle is an AI-powered audio platform to create production-quality audio content and conduct online interviews.

“Wow - just checked out the sound difference with and without the magic dust - that's impressive! Great work on putting such a great tool together!
 Petar Petrovic

9. Ray.so lets you turn your code into beautiful images.

"This is an amazing alternative to Carbon! Thanks for building it – just bookmarked the site!" Steven Tey

8. Cal.com (formerly Calendso) is an open-source, calendar scheduling solution you can self-host and integrate with your business.

"Fantastic to see an open-source alternative to the calendar/p2p-scheduling layer. The UI is great as well, but the main magic is being able to do deeper integrations." Chris Dietrich

7. Persona offers a suite of fully-automated identity verification components (like gov't ID, video selfie, supplemental documents) that can be configured and branded.

“We use persona at Rippling, where we are constantly combatting financial fraud, and Persona has been a real lifesaver for us in stamping this out." Parker Conrad

6. Contra is a professional network for flexible work where you can recognize the people you've worked with and accept inquiries for opportunities.

“Super excited to see this go live. Freelancers - like myself- are often hit by % fees on platforms, which cuts into our hard earned $$$.” Kate Rushton

See you tomorrow for the final five!

To production-quality podcasting

You know the drill. You search for a quick and easy meal, then scroll past a ten-minute long read to get to the recipe. It's not the writer's fault — those paragraphs are essential to the SEO that led you to their article in the first place.

Nonetheless, many of us don't have time to read "Chicken Soup for the Soul." Enter: Only Recipe.

Remove recipe clutter