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December 20th, 2021

10 unique ideas for last-minute gifters

Last week, we hit you with awesome new products that make it easier to gift, but this time of year everyone’s struggling to stay on top of their to-dos. Whether you’re still shopping for the perfect gift or you just want to bookmark these for later, we rounded up 10 truly unique gift ideas we discovered this year, including a few for the last-minute gifter.

EarlyBird: No supply chain issues here! This app lets family and friends collectively invest in & gift a financial future to a loved little one.

Ethercard: Ethercard is like Amazon gift cards but for Ethereum. We can't think of a more on point gift for 2021.

Ray-Ban Stories: Creator vibes. Ray-Ban and Facebook teamed up this year to create a Spectacles competitor and they might be a perfect fit for the creator in your life.

Opal C1: We’re all spending a lot more time on Zoom meetings now so why not give a highly upvoted camera that will have them looking their best all year?

Nothing Ear: These ultralight earbuds with active noise-cancellation feel like nothing — which is much better than gifting nothing.

Phone Cell: There are so many types of people who might like this phone display (and conversation piece), from artists to techies.

The Minimalist Entrepreneur: Its a manifesto for "a new generation of founders who would rather build great companies than big ones" and could be perfect for the hustler in your life.

NanoFoamer is great for coffee drinkers and the Clara French Press would be a win for tea drinkers, too.

Fart Sender: For the one who has everything? Because this list wouldn't be complete without a “WTF?!” gift.

Give the gift of a future

Happyō is a combination of two of the simplest kids' games: repeat after me and pass on," wrote maker Kanstantsin Netyliou.

The new social media platform is designed to contradict the existential dread that you feel after endlessly scrolling. Users do simple, real-life actions to boost mood, film it, and share to inspire others.

Get happy
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