Send ether gift cards this Christmas πŸŽ… and New Year πŸŽ‰

Ethercard is Amazon Gift Card but for Ethereum.

It is an easy way to gift ETH to your friends and relatives this holiday season. Select from a range of stylish cards and it will email the recipient a unique coupon code to redeem.

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Comic-CONnorExpert procrastinator and full-stack dev
I love seeing more Ethereum stuff here but this project has some major red flags. Why utilize a smart contract for sending Ethereum as a gift? The only possible reason I can come up with is to charge people a 1% fee. You could accomplish the same "gift card" service by generating an Ethereum wallet in the client's browser (I used ethers.js), prompting them to send Ether to it (MetaMask), and sending the new wallet's private key/phrase to the gift receiver. Here's a very crude demo which took ~30 minutes to code: I can't think of any advantages for your method. It pollutes the blockchain with extra transactions, requires that the receiver send a transaction to receive their funds (which means you have to already own some Ether to accept a gift), costs the user a 1% fee + more gas, and in a way centralizes the process by relying on a smart contract to just send some Ether to someone. I'm not trying to be rude, I just honestly think there's a lot of issues with your product that people should know about.
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Dennis van DalenTurn complexity into simplicity
Nice use of the smart contracts :)