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Paving the way for the Metaverse

Whether you explain NFTs to your friends or are Googling how Bitcoin works, we’ve got an event coming up to dive into Web3 and all its possibilities.

The Web3 Panel is December 1 at 11:30 am EST, and it’s virtual so you can network before you learn (1,300+ people in so far), or head straight for the virtual chair and hear from the experts including our host, Laura Shin, crypto journalist and host of The Unchained Pod. You can register for free here.

Speaking of virtual events...

The Internet you’re using — it worked really well back in the 90s when delivering static pages and a few graphics was all it was tasked with.

But the Metaverse is coming (or is already here, depending on which metaverse you’re talking about). Real-time apps are definitely here, from RPG games to the software you work with. To match the experience that makers develop for these products, Internet users need stable connections and the lowest possible latency.

Yesterday, Subspace took the top product of the day slot with its Network as a Service solution that uses AI and its own hardware to find the fastest route for delivering data.

“Think about it as the carpool lane for internet traffic...” explained hunter Ashton Kutcher.

Maker Nikki Shum explained how Subspace “weather maps” the internet in real-time giving the Subspace “the power to find the best paths — a combination of existing paths and our fiber-optic backbone—and pull traffic through them in real-time.” If you speak in PoPs and packets, you can check out Subspace’s launch video to get a more detailed diagram of how the weather mapping works.

Subspace CEO also pointed out to VentureBeat that lag is just part of the story — Subspace lets makers “bring private networking to every internet-connected device without changes to code, VPN clients, or on-premise hardware.”

Yesterday's launch made Subspace available to developers worldwide. The startup, founded in 2019, already has 400 million users on its network and has been working with gaming partners.

The bottom line for the rest of us: Subspace has built another way to make demanding online experiences faster for makers, and therefore faster for you. Because nothing takes you out of the Metaverse like your sword getting stuck in limbo.

To lag-free internet

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