Voting is open for the 2021 NFT Awards! Take part with us.

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November 17th, 2021
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What art caught your eye in the NFT marketplaces this year? Your must-have Metaverse avatar gear? The NFT-based game you couldn’t stop playing? What tokens inspired you with a new vision for the future?
We've joined our friends at Enjin for the second Annual NFT Awards to celebrate the unmatched creativity and passion of the NFT world. We’re thrilled to vote for our favorite projects, makers, innovators, and artists this November and can’t wait to see who you choose, too.

Why Celebrate NFTs?

To quote the team at Enjin, “In 2021, "NFT" moved from an abstract term reserved for crypto enthusiasts into the mainstream vocabulary.”
In our own community, NFT-based projects have soared. Makers have launched fantasy games, art marketplaces, tons of new NFT collections, expansive metaverses with next-gen experiences, and more — and that was only in the last 90 days.
Together with Enjin, its partners, and the broader community we hope to help illuminate innovative projects like these – and the makers behind them, who are working to forge new paths with blockchain technology.

About the 2021 NFT Awards

Nominations and community voting for the 2021 NFT Awards are now open. You can nominate and vote for any project (even your own!), irrespective of its affiliated platform or the blockchain it calls home.
Community Awards are fully determined by the public. Judge Awards will be determined by a panel of judges, selected from the top-10 public voting shortlist, for three categories: Most Innovative Art, Newcomer Game, and Project of the Year.
Product Hunt CEO Ashley Higgins will join the judging panel to help evaluate the best of the Metaverse!
This year's Awards honor NFT projects driving the future of human experiences in 10 categories.
Community Awards will be fully determined by public voting.
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Collaboration
  • Best Digital Fashion
  • Best Virtual World
  • Game of the Year
  • VR/AR Award
  • Utility Award
Judge Awards will be determined by a panel of judges, selected from the top-10 public voting shortlist.
  • Most Innovative Art
  • Newcomer Game
  • Project of the Year
The top three finalists in each category will be honored with an award.

Key Dates

  • October 28, 2021: Nominations and community voting open
  • November 26, 2021: Nominations and community voting close
  • January 12, 2022: Awards ceremony hosted in Decentraland
Our partnership with Enjin
As products are popping up left and right and global tech giants turn their focus to the Metaverse, Enjin has been working towards a Metaverse that’s decentralized. First through Efinity and recently with its Metaverse Fund, Enjin has supported makers resolutely across the span of the space.
We’re grateful to partner up with Enjin once again this year, and hope our participation will bring more awareness to all makers pursuing their vision for a decentralized future.
Now, go vote!
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