Black Friday alert! Save 50% on your SaaS stack with Founders Club

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November 19th, 2021
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Pounce on these new Black Friday deals for new members. Plus, check out amazing new deals for all members!
Hey makers, founders, and creators,
Have you met Founders Club? Members get access to amazing deals on top business products and services, designed to help you build the perfect tech stack and grow your business.
This Black Friday season, we're giving new members 50% off their annual membership!
And we've got some exciting new additions to the collection.
  • Graphite: 12% off accounting & financial modeling services
  • Nordpass: A secure and easy-to-use password manager for your business
  • Stytch: 100,000 free monthly active users for your first year
  • Retool: Get a free year of Retool + $160k in partner discounts
  • GraphCMS: 30% off self-serve plans
  • Weavy: Free onboarding services, up to $500
  • Lodestone: 20% off QA services
  • Slack: 25% off eligible plan upgrades for 12 months
Plus all of the community favorites from before like...
The Black Friday offer is available to new members now! But it ends at midnight PST on Monday, November 29, so get a move on it.
"Pawlease, I don’t need any more purrsuading..."
Purrfect! (Please furgive all the puns.)
Comments (3)
Sandy Rowley SEO
I am so addicted to your site. lol this is awesome.
Maciej Cupial
Perfect! I just used the coupon :)