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November 10th, 2021

Most promising

The Information published its second-ever 50 Most Promising Startups this week where journalists try to spot “under-the-radar startups that could be the next Shopify or Snowflake”.

Reporters limited the field to non-unicorn startups that either raised less than $100M or started running operations in the last three years.

To spot the best, reporters looked for companies they believed had the “most potential to be valuable," which involved looking at their business models, growth prospects, and revenue. This years' list includes startups from Hugging Face to DoNotPay, across 6 categories.

Since the Daily Digest covers the newest tech, we perused the list looking for those startups with the newest launches, and found most of those hiding in crypto. Dig into three of the most promising startups (according to the Information) from that space.

Audius - A decentralized and censorship-resistant SoundCloud competitor
QuickNode - An API & node service to power your blockchain applications
Chia - The eco-friendly Bitcoin competitor that uses a “proof of space and time” to validate transactions (note: chia transactions were enabled in May of this year)

"That's awesome! But what else is new?" you say. If you're bullish on this space, check out these three popular launches from just the last week.

vig - Just-launched vig provides gamified decision intelligence for Stocks, Options, Crypto, and ETFs. Its Fantasy Stocks experience also lets you play in any one of the startups daily Fantasy Stock, ETF, and Crypto Games to gain experience, have fun, and compete.

Thresholds - This startups goal is to build a simple way for users to spend, earn, and invest in crypto. The DeFi growth account lets users earn up to 6.25% on their USD (earned in Bitcoin with other cryptos coming soon). - This tool lets you quickly verify ownership of your NFT profile picture (think of it like a blue verified checkmark for your NFT on social). Users enter their Opensea NFT URL, sign off with their Ethereum address, and get a certificate for everyone to see.

Is the next biggest Coinbase here?

Build crypto confidence
"Did you know that most of the booking sites you already use are mostly owned by the same two companies? Also, did you know that all of these sites charge hotels around 20% commission on every booking?" asked maker Duncan McKenna. His solution is Hoo, a platform that enables to you make an offer on a room directly to the hotel.
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  • 500,000 prospective investors on the platform.
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