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October 27th, 2021

An alternative to meme stocks

Maybe you’ve been too preoccupied with crypto creeping into your apps to notice, but conscious consumerism has its own foothold in the mainstream. According to Nielsen, 73% of global consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

There's a long way to go towards sustainable living, but with younger generations embracing activism and new products launching in this space, passive support is poised to continue shifting towards active pressure to accelerate change.

Tulipshare is a new platform that facilitates using shareholder rights to fight for social and environmental progress.

“We already launched three initial campaigns (with more to come!): changing Coca-Cola’s packaging policy to use 100% recycled materials, ensuring fair and safe working environments for Amazon warehouse workers, and allowing independent and third-party technicians to repair Apple products,” Timur Garifzyanov wrote on Product Hunt.

As Tulipshare points out on its website, the platform is not for day traders or swing traders — lasting change occurs from long-term investment. In some ways, Tulipshare is the flipside to meme stocks and coin flipping although there are sometimes positive intentions beyond those investment “strategies” as well.

Last week, we also saw the launch of Ampliphi, a new plastic footprint management platform for brands. While it’s not uncommon to see products for personal carbon footprint tracking or carbon offsetting in business, Ampliphi takes sustainability a step further. Businesses can import their data to surface insights and Ampliphi provides a tailored plan for plastic reduction and a vetted marketplace with packaging alternatives and “circular economy integrations.”

Cluey is the latest to launch in this space. The platform enables conscious consumers to see the impact of their purchases and follow trending news or conversations happening around those brands. A Chrome extension gives insights into brands while actively shopping online. Cluey takes your purchase decision a step further by providing a feature that lets you send your feedback to the brand right in the tool. This makes it easier for consumers to collectively demand change.

Give feedback to your brands

Oura Ring Gen3 is here. The tracking ring introduces a slate of new features and improvements, like better sleep staging, blood oxygen monitoring, and real-time heart rate tracking.

One of the most notable new features is period prediction. It clocks shifts in temperature along with user feedback to predict when a user might get their period. There are various period tracking apps to choose from, but tracking body temperature is an important piece of estimating changes during a menstrual cycle (it rises before ovulation and falls when it begins). Oura ring makes temperature taking a seamless part of tracking.

Put a ring on it
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