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Bells ring, gongs bang, high fives all around. Sales and marketing teams celebrate after signing a massive new customer. Then comes onboarding, and implementation teams... they might be less thrilled.

One of the first things they have the pleasure of doing is getting the customers’ data imported into new systems, and it’s often an ugly, painful process for everyone. Messy Excel files need cleaning, weird import scripts have to be coded in Python, all while sensitive data is emailed back and forth.

Flatfile first launched two years ago, innovating the way companies onboard customers by automatically structuring and validating their data. Single-founder startups to enterprise companies became early adopters.

Flatfile’s growth helped underpin its $35M Series A raise (see cofounder Eric Crane’s lessons on fundraising), and now it’s leveraged its funding to launch the latest product: Embeds, which offer a 1-click import experience built for securely validating and exchanging customer data.

The platform prioritizes intuitive features to drive customers to value, faster. In practice, that looks like:

  • No more emailing sensitive Excel data back and forth (been there)
  • No more saving a CSV for the 4th time and re-uploading (done that)
  • No fumbling with FTP uploads (should I really trust this certificate?)
  • A platform ready to transform sensitive data (HIPAA compliance out the box)
  • Workspaces for collaborating with customers when fixing invalid data

Startups with a few customers importing spreadsheets to companies with major data migration projects (i.e. millions of rows of data moving between legacy systems) can provide an experience that instills confidence, and makes even the most non-technical customer feel like a data onboarding expert.

"This is a monstrous product. I can see becoming a $20bn+ company with a groundswell of developers and enterprises adopting it as the defacto standard. Bravo," wrote one commenter on the launch page.

If you're done with fighting with Excel and spreadsheets, take a peek at Flatfile’s newest Embeds launch. 👇

Step-by-step Home Buying

Buying a home is a notoriously confusing process. With so much scattered and biased information out there, the makers of DwellWell found it all to be aggravating and wanting.

“Homebuying went against all of the buying behaviors that have become second nature to me. So we set out to create a seamless, end-to-end home buying process," wrote Matthew Canzoneri.

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Monday through Friday
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