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October 17th, 2021

Curating the internet

We’ve written a lot about Edtech's pandemic-spurred growth, but many of us don't just learn skills through courses or apps, but on a daily basis. Knowledge and content produced by experts online helps makes us better at our jobs.

Further has started drawing attention from the community today with its new app, which filters the web for learning new skills and gives badges for progress.

Further users pick skills of interest (e.g. UX design or public speaking), get a daily curated feed of reads, and can earn badges and certificates for content list completion. According to its makers, the AI-backed algorithm in Further can highly personalize your feed in order to help you enhance your daily information learning.

"I love the idea! I can finally show others that what I learn online actually matters and is calculable.” - Mert Akın

"As a developer, I’m loving this. Already started using it! 😄" Kağan Korkmaz

"Time saver app, really help for scatterbrain people like me that go online to learn and end up somewhere unexpected." - Maryann Superlano

With over 1.8 billion websites on the internet most of us rely on curation to help us find the information most meaningful to us. We see these types of products launch regularly — here are a few more from the last six months that offer curated resources for your work.

Good Landing Page - Curation of 300+ best landing pages for design inspiration
Analytics Pack - A curated director of the best startup metrics
LetterHunt - 10,000+ active, curated newsletters to promote your product
Pattern Collect - Curated gallery of patterns by awesome designers

Yes — Product Hunt and this newsletter are curation tools too! We use the community’s contributions to guide which product launches make it to the top of our homepage and into your inbox every single day. So don't forget to contribute with an upvote or comment when you see something you like or have questions about.

Curate your skill path
  • Nokia brick phones are back and they have snake.
  • If you’re a creator on Gumroad, check out this AutoDrive tool for automating access to your GoogleDrive files when you make a sale.
  • Kortpress helps you create tickets, membership cards, etc. for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
  • We know, Halloween isn’t over yet, but if you’re ready to start thinking about Christmas, Jolly is a new Secret Santa app with in-app gift purchasing.
  • Slideit is a new tool to help you save tweets to Notion.
Tony Dinh on what he’s learned as an indie developer
"I believe every product – no matter how complicated – can be simplified into an MVP we can build within a week."
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“My parents were immigrants, counted every penny, didn't have a lot of savings and so they never learned how to build wealth or understood long-term savings. I want to make sure that never happens with my own two kids,” wrote maker Kashem Miah on today’s launch of GoHenry.

GoHenry is a kids debit card that teaches youngins about spending wisely in the real world with an app that lets parents guide the progress, send allowance, set goals, and more.

Teach savings